View Full Version : Dell 2405 and Vostro 1700

08-22-08, 10:48 AM
I'm having a bit of a problem. I have a Dell 2405 connected to my laptop, Vostro 1700 via the D-sub port. I just did a clean install for my lappy, (WinXP), and I got everything running. The monitor is set at 1900x1200, and the graphics on it is crappy.

Is there anything that I can use to get the fonts/images to look better?

Edit: BTW, I'm using drivers 173.95 from laptop2go. The laptop has a GeForce 8600m GT in it.

08-22-08, 12:31 PM

08-22-08, 01:45 PM
nvm...I got the problem resolved. I uninstalled the 173.95 drivers, and installed the latest drivers, 177.89. I'm good to go.