View Full Version : Alone in the Dark for PC $15 at gogamer expires in 8 hours

09-01-08, 05:59 PM
is this worth $15?
http://www.gogamer.com/Alone-in-the-Dark-for-PC-PC-New-Releases_stcVVproductId44408753VVcatId444789VVview prod.htm

09-01-08, 06:49 PM
Probably not. My friend is a big fan of those games and said this one is just garbage...

09-01-08, 07:20 PM
Waiting to see if the developers were able to fix the game on the PS3.

09-04-08, 01:39 PM
funny i just saw it at $29 at best buy and was thinking oh a sale wonder if it a good game, but if it not even worth $15 must not be that good of a game

i remember the originals were so much fun

09-04-08, 02:07 PM
is quite bad, maybe if it hits $5 bucks haha

09-04-08, 02:12 PM
it might be worth $15 "if" and when its patched to the ps3 version....but by then im guessing you'll find it in every bargin bin and sale section for that or much much less,just how a dev makes all the mistakes they made with AITD is beyond me...its almost like noone on the dev team played a 3rd person horror game in the last 10 years that or maybe they played them all and decided that all the worst bits all put together would make a great game! bizzard

09-04-08, 03:41 PM
i regret getting it

09-05-08, 09:52 PM
Trust Me ... This game is the least fun I've had alone in the dark..... ;)

09-05-08, 11:50 PM
Seems the 360 and PS3 are getting this game fixed. (http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/41363/Alone-in-the-Dark-PlayStation-3-Improvements) No word on a PC patch however.