View Full Version : PC Specs Released for Mirror's Edge; PS3 to Get Exclusive DLC Content

09-02-08, 03:47 PM
Looks like the specs released for DICE and Electronic Arts upcoming first-person action title Mirrors Edge will not force games to have to upgrade their system. Far from it actually because I would assume that most PC gamers have the following specs for their gaming rigs anyway:

OS: Windows XP or Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz / Athlon 64 2800+
GFX card: GeForce 6 Series with 256MB VRAM or higher, or ATI X1650 (or HD2400)
In addition to this announcement, Sony has declared that the game, will have exclusive downloadable content for the PS3. Apparently, they signed a blood contract with EA for the PSN and while this is really no big shocker (all consoles do this) we are unsure whether the Xbox 360 and the PC will get their share of exclusive downloadable content as well. Hopefully soon we will have an idea of what this DLC contains and when exactly the game will be hitting shelves, so keep checking back with us.


09-02-08, 04:48 PM
interesting... the graphics look pretty nice from the screenies

09-02-08, 06:27 PM
Next-gen era is so Fuuu Lame... DLC content & achivment who*es

09-02-08, 06:53 PM
I bought GTA4 for the 360 because of the exclusive DLC, despite reviews saying the PS3 version looked a little better... sales showed that was pretty much a shared decision across the fanbase... So it doesn't surprise me this could be a trend.

Same with Mirror's Edge... I'll probably grab the PS3 version now, unless an early review tells me it has serious technical faults compared to the 360 version.

09-02-08, 07:02 PM
gta4 sucks on 360 the ps3 had better fps(nana2) but yeah i got it for the 360 because the DLC