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the best free mmorpg out there i would have to say is mythwars 2 its a fun and new game there is always a new event going on and the people on mythwars 2 are very nice and the game itself is pretty easy to learn to play

the game has 4 races the is a mage male or female, borg male or female, cent male or female and last but not least the humans male or female. and the reaison i put male or female is beacuse the males and females have diffrent skills it may only be 1 diffrent skills between males and females but that 1 skill can change the whole battle outcome http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk157/vash115/CAP1218989868.jpg

the game is diffrent from other mmorpgs for many reisons but the main 1 is cause of its pet system there are so many diffrent pets on this game and every pet is diffrent in its own way on wythwars 2 you can have 3 pets when you start but when you reach higher lvls you can hold alot more you can build your pet anyway you like there 4 diffrent stats agi,sta,str and int and if that dont make ur pet diffrent from all the others you can give them diffrent abiltys such as crit or combo give it your own speical reist such as chaos or meleehttp://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk157/vash115/CAP1220378846.jpg

in any case the game is fun i like it but dont take my word for it check it out you self at http://mw2.igg.com/main.php

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Yes, it's Danger :))

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/trade WTB periods, paying well.