View Full Version : Need ethernet drivers for HP dv945se Laptop

09-02-08, 07:32 PM
I formatted a friends laptop because it came with so much crap on it and i've found drivers for everything except the ethernet port. They were all on the HP website, even the wireless driver, but not the ethernet. I know the ethernet drivers are in the nForce chipset drivers and I installed that but it still doesn't show up in "manage network connections" it only shows the wireless. It shows up in device manager and has the symbol because it doesn't have drivers and it just searches online forever. any ideas?

i'm going to try a different nForce driver to see if that helps.

09-02-08, 10:18 PM
what OS are you running?

download the latest driver from here



09-03-08, 06:38 AM
perfect thanks so much.

nekro, where do you always find the drivers? You always seem to find them when google doesn't work.

09-03-08, 07:10 AM
i don't know, maybe research, either for myself or for others.

09-03-08, 07:10 AM
if you know the chipset or the model number of what youre running, then finding drivers is a piece of cake.