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09-06-08, 04:33 AM
as title says willing to trade this card for an nvidia card, as the motherboard i have is an Asus SLI board with an Nvidia Chipset theres some features what im interested in.

card is in immaculate condition and have only had it for 2 days, comes boxed with everything as NEW, ran 3D mark 06 and got just over 14000 thats with everything at stock, that was with motherboard, ram and processor at default settings, card is lightning fast.

looking for either a Gainward 9800 GTX/GX2, or a 9800 Leadtek GTX/GX2 can pay cash towards if its a GX2.

any other offers are welcome.

Xion X2
09-06-08, 08:25 AM
No offense, but you're making a mistake in trading this card for a 9800GTX. It's twice as fast in some apps w/ AA applied, and you're going to subject yourself to the headache of SLI/Nvidia chipset.

<------ owner of 4 dead mobos from the nForce 6-series

And "pay cash toward a GX2?" They retail on newegg for the same price as the 4870.

09-06-08, 09:43 AM

09-06-08, 12:46 PM
well on ebay the 9800 GX2 is selling for the same price as the 4870 and on newegg, dont get me wrong this is one amazing card and games run extremely well and the IQ is great. but im really looking into geting a dual card setup and as my motherboards SLI im probally going to go with 2x 9800GX2's going to try and get hold of one here and probally buy the other one, your saying that the 680i chipsets arnt very good with SLI? from some users i have been been reading the newer nvidia cards are very similar to the 9800GX2. so the 680 boards are not recommended when using 2 cards?

09-06-08, 01:04 PM
I wouldn't do 9800GX2 SLI. If you're really desperate for some SLI action do it with GTX 260s. The price should be similar, the scaling, heat and power consumption will be better and you'll have a much larger frame buffer.

09-06-08, 01:40 PM
yeah im open to offers, i would deffinatly look more into the 260 if offered, but im more interested in a GX2 more than anything.

09-06-08, 01:44 PM
To be honest, you could probably get a 2Gb 4870X2 for cheaper and just skip the multi-card setup completely. Just because you have an SLI board doesn't mean SLI is the best solution.

I wouldn't personally use any kind of multi-gpu setup but if you're willing to try it, the X2 is hard to beat.

09-07-08, 02:07 PM
only looking for a GX2 now as the GTX is selling for 120, and much cheaper on auction sites. yeah im aware that the 4870X2 outperforms most cards, and that a 4870 outperforms a GX2 in most when using AA. but im still interested in getting a GX2 im looking for a strait swap, a GX2 has just sold for 180 on ebay used.

09-07-08, 02:15 PM
Alright. Hope it works out for you.

I haven't heard of too many happy 9800GX2 owners. Most ended up selling them for other cards, though they are significantly cheaper now.

10-28-08, 11:03 PM
Really you have the better card with a HD 4870 512mb.

10-30-08, 09:29 AM