View Full Version : Weird Problem! (SLI With 2 X Gigabyte Geforce 8600GT)

09-06-08, 01:39 PM
In case it matters, my computer has two Geforce 8600GT's by Gigabyte running in SLI mode. My PC has a SLI-certified power supply made by PC Power & Cooling, an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Processor, 2GB of RAM and two SATA hard drives.

For some strange reason one out of every five boots or so, Windows XP resorts back to the VGA driver. SLI works fine otherwise, but when this happens, I have to reinstall the nvidia driver, then everything is perfect for the next four or five boots when this happens again.

When Windows resorts back to the VGA driver, I cannot manually set my resolution back to 1280x1024, I have to reinstall the driver first. The following screenshot shows the error message I get:


Here is what I have tried to fix this.

1.) I uninstalled all nvidia drivers, then I rebooted into safe mode and used driver cleaner to make sure they all got erased.

2.) I cleared the prefetch folder.

3.) I enabled hidden devices in the device manager to uninstall drivers I no longer need.

4.) I ran an extensive memory test, it passed.

5.) I ran the Seagate tools on my hard drives, they passed.

6.) I checked for bad sectors on my hard drives, Windows found none.

7.) I tried the last three or four nvidia driver releases.

8.) I flashed my BIOS.

9.) I checked to see if my PC is overheating. It's not, the ambient temp is aroun d 90F and the processor never goes above 110F.

10.) I backed up my files, erased my hard drives, then reformatted and reinstalled everything. The problem happened again and has not stopped.

I only got SLI for Oblivion, which is pretty much the only game I play that has even close to decent graphics. It plays it perfect when it's working. I'm getting very frustrated though, as reinstalling the nvidia driver every four or five boots is a pain. I am hoping someone here may have had this problem and can share their wisdon.

09-06-08, 04:32 PM
Strange problem.

Maybe try reseating your cards in their slots.

It has to be hardware related or possibly a compatibility issue since you did a complete format and reinstall.

Thanks for posting so much info BTW, that helps a lot when trying to give suggestions.

Also, it may be worth trying with one graphics card installed at a time to see if maybe one of them is causing the problem.

09-06-08, 05:51 PM
Yeah, I agree with Captn. Try removing the video cards and then putting them back in. Also make sure you're SLI bridge is seated properly. I've had strange problems with a couple of systems where just pushing on the SLI bridge at the points of contact fixed the problem.

09-06-08, 08:18 PM
Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies.

The first thing though is I'm baffled on why I seem to be the only one with this problem. Google searches turned up nothing. Usually there are many others that share any individual issue.

Now about trying individual cards, I don't mind doing that, but I don't know if that will tell us anything. Occasionally, it may take ten boots to make this happen. There has to be a trigger, do you have any ideas what the trigger might be? The reason I'm asking is because if I remove one card, then reboot ten or more times, and it works, it may mean that it's either a coincidence, or the other card is bad. It would be really hard to tell. If there are any tips on that regard I'm open to them.

I'm almost 100% positive that this problem doesn't happen when SLI is disabled within the nvidia control panel. I could be wrong, but I have never had that problem at any time SLI was disabled.

Another thing worth mentioning, is that I have Linux on a separate hard drive. With SLI enabled, I've never once had any kind of issue, so it seems to manifest itself with Windows only.

I will try your tips today guys, thanks again. I just want to figure out how to trigger this problem every time but if there's no way I'll just reboot 20 times with each card and see if it happens.

Also, off topic, my motherboard has an option called "Robust Graphics Booster". I have that disabled (which is the default). The manual for my mobo doesn't say what that option does. Do you guys know?