View Full Version : Installing XP on machine w/SCSI drive. Help

09-11-08, 07:43 AM
OK some guy brought a dell precision 360 desktop into our shop and it has a SCSI hdd adaptor and 2 western digital IDE drives, each in an SCSI cradle that plugs into the SCSI to IDE adaptor.

I was fairly sure I'd need to do the whole F6 to load SCSI drivers before XP install begins but before the machine even POSTS, it comes up saying no primary HDD found. Bios says "unknown device" as primary IDE drive.

The actual harddrive is perfectly fine as I took the drive out of it's little SCSI adaptor module and just plugged it straight up to the mobo with an IDE cable. It's loading XP right now.

The problem is, there's a 2nd hdd in it's scsi tray that he wants XP on as well so that he can do the whole hot swap thing with the drives.

I don't have another SCSI to IDE adaptor around to try and see if the actual adaptor that these hdd modules are sliding into is bad or if there's just something I'm not doing to allow the PC to SEE that adaptor.

Can anyone shed some light on what could be wrong here?

BTW, I hit up dell's site and downloaded the scsi drivers, put them on a floppy , loaded them with F6 before the xp install but it comes back saying no hdd found to install the OS to.