View Full Version : Wonder how long before drivers are optimized for 280

09-11-08, 11:52 PM
Not too impressed with Nvidia's drivers right now for 280. Some examples.

With my previous 8800GTX (with the official 175.19 WHQL drivers) I could play Farcry and Quake 4 at 16x FSAA with no performance difference (that I could feel) from 4X. With the 280 (and it's official 177.41 WHQL drivers) I can't do that. If I try to play both at 16x, it kicks the hell out of the frame rate so bad it's not playable for me (it's like playing with a vid card 2 or 3 generations back). I have to play them both at 4X to get the same performance I got with the 8800GTX at 16X. I have a 19" monitor so my res is 1280x1024. Besides this, in Farcry I get some weird light effects (like a faint glowing) looking at some tree trunks that I never saw before with 8800GTX (and it's drivers).

In Crysis with the 280, if I use FSAA I get that same kind of faint glowing looking at trees in the distance. If I turn FSAA off, the effect goes away (again, the 8800GTX and it's drivers did not do this).

In Blacksite Area 51, there are also differences. This game has stuttering/pausing glitches already. While the game runs generally a bit smoother with the 280, the pausing length (when it happens) is worse. When the stuttering/pausing happens, it's around 20-30 seconds long in places, where with the 8800GTX it was maybe 3-4 seconds.

These are just 4 games that I've noticed differences like this (I have lots more games I haven't tried yet so no telling what else I'm going to find).

Clearly to me Nvidia is nowhere near close to optimizing it's drivers for the 280 yet. With the rate they are going with their sub par (IMO) drivers and their infrequent driver updates, I have no idea when that's going to be.

09-12-08, 09:04 AM
I noticed the same thing with the 16x AF in games. I went from the 9800gx2 to this 280 and really first noticed it in the new Mercs 2 game. In Crysis, I always play with the very high settings hack in XP which turns off the AF so I never noticed it. But in mercs 2, with AF on 16x my FPS at 1920x1200 highest settings were around 20-25 maximum. I couldnt figure out what was up since my buddy has the same settings with a radeon 4870 and was at like 40-60 fps. So i turned down the AF to 2x and voila, up to 50-90fps. Lame. AA is killing performance alot also in Mercs (when using nhancer) and Crysis forget about it, kills perf. and also adds artifacts. (latest NV beta drivers)