View Full Version : Display driver and F@H

09-12-08, 11:16 AM
I'm on WinXP 64bit, C2D 3Ghz@3.6Ghz, nvidia 8800GTS OC edition, using forcewares 177.92 (beta).

The F@H GPU Client is working ok but it is preventing any other GPU work (besides my 2D desktop), or making it jerky:

- open the F@H "viewer": window apears, but my desktop crawls to a halt and I have to reboot machine
- using Remote Desktop connection: mouse and display jerks/stutters every 5 seconds or so
- running a virtual machine in VMware Server: machine jerks/stops responding for 10-15 seconds every 1 second while I get like 0.1 Frames per Second
- I havent even tried to run a game cuz I'm afraid I'll have to hard-reset my machine again

All this must be either Intel or XP64bit or nvidia64bit_driver related because on my previous A64 X2 4400+/XP32bit combo it worked flawlessly, I could even run games AND fold at the same time. CPU usage is same as previously- 0% one core, 100% other core.

Anyone with the same problem?

09-12-08, 11:41 AM
set teh Core usage to 80%
The only way I got it not to crash.

09-26-08, 02:25 AM
Problem solved by switching to ATI HD4850 :P

- Remote Desktop working without a glitch
- Virtual Machine is working too
- Viewer itself is working, i.e. no crash when opening

GG nvidia.