View Full Version : G92 8800GTS and Cooling with the HR-03GT

09-13-08, 08:44 AM

Here is what I want to do.

I want to get my 8800GTS G92 cooled as much as possible with air. Now I to bend the heat pipes 90 Deg to have the fins or the heat sink be the long part of the "L"

I have been looking for pics or threads where people have tried to bend the heat pipes. I haven't found any.

Anyone know if this is possible?

Please shoot me the link.

Thanks for your help.


09-13-08, 08:49 AM
I dont get it, Wont your mosfets fry ?
Apparently fans don't work as well when you put a filter right next to them, A two inch gap is optimal, Or so Ive heard.

09-13-08, 09:46 PM
How about if you just increase the fan speed on your g92 gts? Mine is running pretty cool at idle and load, granted i have excellent case ventilation.