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08-27-02, 10:47 AM
Yo, Okay I've been searching through the forums looking at different posts trying to find a solution to my problem...

I have the following specs:
8K3A - 8/15/2002 BIOS
512MB - OCZ PC3000 RAM
Geforce 4 Ti4400
LSI-Logic LSIU160 SCSI HBA - PCI Slot 2
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz - PCI Slot 3
3com NIC - PCI Slot 4
Fujitsu 36.7 10K RPM SCSI
2xIBM 60GB HD's
Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM
Sony 10x4x32x CDRW
Sony 21" G-520
misc periph's

The problem is that my Internet speed has slowed considerably (Pre-SCSI 300-400K/s, Post-SCSI <150K/s) since I installed the SCSI controller. I've played the PCI slot game, but I think that my only answer will be to get the NIC card on its own IRQ. I am thinking that I will reformat and just install Windows 2000 again as well, because I don't trust Microsofts drivers in XP.

Also I was thinking of moving the NIC card to PCI 3 and my SC to 4 or 6, that way my NIC card would be isolated. Also I was considering disabling ACPI & PNP when I install everything. Let me know what you guys think, or if it will even help.


PS here's the Sharing Layout for the Epox 8K3A
PCI slot 1 and your AGP Card
PCI Slot 2 and your Highpoint controller (if you have a + board)
PCI slot 3, PCI slot 5, and onboard sound
PCI slot 4, PCI slot 6, and onboard USB

08-27-02, 02:36 PM
I still think the best setup would be...

PCI1 = Empty
PCI2 = SCSI Card
PCI3 = Soundcard
PCI4 = NicCard

Have you tried playing with your PCI Latency time in the Bios, although i dont hink it will make that much of a difference Try it at 64 or even 128 instead of the default 32.

I have a similar setup with an IDE Raid card in slot 2 with my sound in 3 and nic card in 4. Then my TV card in slot 6.

Also going to Win2k will probably make it worse.... But i am curious to see your results of re-installing windows without ACPI enabled. I think im going to try that next time i format.

08-27-02, 06:35 PM
There's a bug in this OS with SCSI Drives Go to Storagereview.com, But microsoft is working on the fix, They say a 5400 rpm budget drive outpreformed a Segate Cheetah 15k.3 in write speeds in small files. So go there and read the forums and get the update to the fixes for this;) I read this in septembers months mag Maxium PC., Page 20 Review called Watchdog. Get a copy of maximum Pc or subsribe for only a buck a issue for a year, good price.