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09-20-08, 12:10 AM
Hello All,

I wanted to document the install of my new HR-03GT and HR-11 heatsinks from Thermalright.

They are getting installed on a EVGA (G92) 8800GTS in my U2-UFO Case. Overall the install went very well and I am very pleased :D with the results. So on to the pictures.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3121.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3121)

Above is a look at what I started with. I Went with the ArcticCool PWM fans because I wanted to have the fan speed controlled by RivaTuner.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3122.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3122)

Here you can see the naked card and the Thermalright Heatsinks for the RAM and other chips.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3123.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3123)

Here you can see the thermal past I used to replace the thermal pad that came with the card. The issue I had with this, that even with the washed added to the spring screws, the stock heatsink didn't make contact with all of the memory chips. I had to file down the screw posts to get it to fit flush. As you can see, it did work pretty good and I had poretty good contact all the way around. It was a PITA.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3127.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3127)

Above you can see the heatsinks for the memory and PWM chips. The thermal tape that came with the sinks was pretty good. I only had to replace the tape on one sink because I dropped it on the table face down. It is a good idea to get some extra thermal tape just in case.

09-20-08, 12:11 AM
http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3129.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3129)

Here you can see the install of the HR-11. This was a very simple install, just peel off the cover for the thermal pad and tighten bolts. I read on a couple of other threads (other forums) to make sure you don't over tighten, what does that mean? Well, I had a slight bow to the backside plate when I called it good. I wasn't worried about it contacting the circuits on the back of the card. Unless you drop you computer when it is running, it isn't going to short anything out. (if you drop your computer when it is running, I would say that you'll have other issues.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3130.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3130)

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3132.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3132)

Tada!! looks cool huh!?

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3133.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3133)

Here it is with the fan installed. I used some double sided tape to keep the fan on, The clips wouldn't work with this type of fan. I had to take the plug off of the stock heatsink and splice it onto the Arctic Cooling fan to get the PWM to work off of the video card. Like I mentioned before. I wanted Riva to control the fan speed.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3134.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3134)
http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3136.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3136)

Now because I eventually want to fit the new SoundBlaster Titanium ZOMG FTW F@tAl1Ty Extreme Gamers sound card in the PCIe 1x slot right below the video card I needed to make the rear cover a single slot.
The idea is to eventually bend downward the cooling fins of the HR-03 to make room for the sound card. (We'll see if I get the courage to try and bend the 6 heat pipes.)

09-20-08, 12:13 AM
http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3139.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3139)

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3140.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3140)

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3142.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3142)

These are some shots before I find out if I really screwed something up.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3143.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3143)

Here is a picture of the card installed. As you can see, right above it is the HR-05 IFX/SLI installed on my north bridge.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3144.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3144)

Here is a shot where you can see both the HR-11, HR-03, and HR-05 IFX/SLI

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3146.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3146)

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3147.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3147)

Here is a pic showing how tight of a fit it is for the HR-11. It is literally about a mm from the fan guard on the back fan.

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3149.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3149)

This is a good shot showing the clearance between the HR-05 and the HR-11.

09-20-08, 12:14 AM

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3150.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3150)

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3151.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3151)

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3152.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3152)
Computer actually starts!!

All Done....

http://pix.myphotoalbum.com/j/js/jsu/jsun/jsunn/jsunn/albums/album22/mg_3156.sized.jpg (http://jsunn.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album22&id=mg_3156)

I am going to do some O/Cing. I was able to get to 800MHz on the core before I installed this monster. I will post some results. Right now as I type this, my idle temps are 44 deg C. that is 10 deg C lower than before this install!!:clap:

I am hoping for some great results!

Hope you enjoyed the install, take a look at my album below for more pics of the heatsink and of my system.

Take care,

09-20-08, 07:20 PM
Nice job dude :)