View Full Version : Fx 5900 cooling solution?

05-17-03, 04:40 PM
Planning on buying a new system, i will probably buy a fx5900 ultra 256 or 128mb, but one thing really bugs me....

How is the cooling? I mean it was horrible on the nv30...

Is it alot better now?? I have a 8500 now and i think the sound of it is ok. But i expect the 5900 to sound quite alot more... I use 3ds quite much so i will be in "3D" mode always.

Do you think you could rip the old fan off and install one or two 80mm fans instead?

will the slower versions of nv35 have different cooling? THis is really important to me, because i don't care if i get 10^6 fps in doom3 at 2048*1536 if it sounds like i have a pack of bees in my computer :D


05-17-03, 04:52 PM
No it's nothing like the NV30.
GO to http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030512/index.html

For a complete review and pics. :)

05-17-03, 05:02 PM
i still wonder if you maybe could mod you fx5900 and put a 80mm fan on the back + a 80mm fan on the front of the card. Do you think it would be enough cooling for the card?

i think the manufactors should skip those high speed 60mm fans and put 80mm instead....