View Full Version : Spore Players Threatened with Ban for Discussing DRM

09-24-08, 03:40 PM
An apparent case of "mis-communication" led to moderators on the official Spore message board threatening to ban posters from playing EA Maxis' PC evolution simulator if they discussed the title's controversial DRM.

After inquiring about the DRM situation on the official Spore board, jpfrostfox's thread was locked, with the following added by a forum moderator:

SecuROM as been discussed and discussed so much and it causes arguments in threads. If you want to talk about DRM SecuROM then please use another fansite forum. If there is any change you will be able to read it on the official Spore site.

Please do not continue to post theses thread or you account may be at risk of banning which in some cases would mean you would need to buy a new copy to play Spore.

In order to post on the forum, posters must sign in with the Spore account tied to their game, with players only allowed one account for each copy of the game they purchase.

Following the initial posting, moderator sporemasterladym stepped in, claiming that the above was representative of "a mis-communication issue somewhere."

"You are not going to lose your game for posting a comment," the moderator wrote in a separate thread found by Kotaku. "It is okay to discuss issues on this forum as long as it's done in a respectful manner and there are no personal attacks. This includes the DRM and other controversial issues. Just keep it civil."


09-24-08, 03:43 PM
SPORE is serious business.

09-24-08, 06:02 PM
EA can go **** themselves

09-24-08, 06:09 PM
Wow... first time ive seen a company with their own message board that are incapable of banning posters without black listing their key.

09-24-08, 06:36 PM
lol.... the game rocks though! :D

09-24-08, 08:46 PM
Just a hyper-funny reply I saw on one site;

T-i-m-m-y - Sep 24 2008, 7:06 AM

Hehe.... That's it... I'm through with anything EA.

I'll have to leave a message to id-software at some point, that if they don't change their publisher for "Rage", they can forget me as a customer. I always liked their games but not to the point of supporting the new EA-strategy of royally screwing up their customers.


Eat a **** EA.

09-24-08, 09:27 PM
I don't like EA... but you don't need the disk to play the game... they have every right to protect from piracy as much as they legally can. Its a great game... people should buy it.

09-25-08, 11:02 AM
Class action.... sounds just like the Sony thing a few years ago...#

09-25-08, 11:11 AM
i like the idea of class action lawsuits against DRM

but the reasons for this suit are just stupid

The lawsuit accuses Electronic Arts of deliberately hiding the fact that Spore uses SecuROM and claims the DRM software prevents the computer from operating under certain circumstances and/or disrupting hardware operations. The suit also claims that SecuROM takes over a portion of a PC's processing resources "to transmit information back to EA."

good reason for suit would be all this activation bs

09-25-08, 12:12 PM
Just when EA was improving their image this happens.

09-25-08, 12:35 PM
Just when EA was improving their image this happens.

Yeah, I'm guessing they were just softening everyone up so the DRM in Spore wouldn't make someone bomb their headquarters. :lol:

09-25-08, 10:07 PM
crap, I just made a thread about the CA lawsuit :(

09-25-08, 10:21 PM
crap, I just made a thread about the CA lawsuit :(

that good, more explosure around the web, might mean they drop this activation BS faster.