View Full Version : I think that buying a 128mg videocard is better than buying a 256mg videocard

Fook Me
05-17-03, 08:17 PM
I think it is because the Radeon 9800 and the Geforce FX 5900 (both versions with 128mgs of DDR RAM) and NO game will need the extra 256mgs of DDR RAM until probably 1-2 years from now because alot of people have 128mg videocards right? And NO game thats coming out i.e Doom III, Deus Ex 2, Half Life 2 etc. will not use more than 256mg of DDR RAM because they know that not alot of people will shell out half a grand for a videocard w/ 256mgs right? Also, why buy a card with 256mgs just to play Doom III or the other games as mentioned earlier when the new videocards will come out when those games will come out? So I think imma just get the Geforce FX w/ 128mgs of DDR RAM for $399.99 and just upgrade to a 256mg videocard when we REALLY need it :)

my 2 cents :)

Any opinions?

Or is that a bad choice??

05-17-03, 08:50 PM
Do you love high image quality? Get a 256 meg card.
Image Quality doesn't matter? Get a 128 meg card.

Assuming that all else is equal, especially the clockrates, the effect of extra memory is to allow the use of more highly detailed textures and higher levels of aa without losing framerate.

Hypothetical example: Suppose high detail settings in a game use 150 megs of memory and medium detail will use 100 megs. Set both cards to medium detail, both cards will have the same framerate. Set both cards to high detail, the 128 meg will lose frames, the 256 won't. If you don't notice the difference between the medium and high detail settings, then you won't gain anything from the 256 meg card. If you notice the image quality differences and it matters to you, you'll prefer the 256 meg card.

Note that the card must have enough power to back up the memory. A 256 meg fx 5600 probably is too weak to use 256 megs because 128 meg memory isn't the limiting factor for that card. A 5900ultra or 9800pro 256 meg should have enough gpu headroom to use the extra memory.

You know how important image quality is to you, so only you can decide if a 256 meg card is worth the extra $. For me, any card costing more than $300 will need 256 megs, because I like iq. :)

(btw, I think any geforce fx is a bad choice (or put more accurately: a second best choice) but that doesn't have to do with the 128 megs memory issue.) ;)

05-17-03, 08:52 PM
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