View Full Version : True 5.1 Audio with A7N8X?

05-17-03, 09:23 PM
I'm interested in getting a 5.1 speaker set for my A7N8X-based machine. Is it even possible to have true Dolby 5.1/AC3 audio through the connectors on my motherboard? I want a home theater experience from my PC, and I'm wondering if I'm going to need something like an Audigy to get it. Please advise. Thanks!

05-17-03, 09:54 PM
Yes, that board has a S/PDIF connector you can hook up to a Dolby Digital reciever. Your reciever will then decode it and play the sound in 5.1.

05-17-03, 10:03 PM
Thanks very much. So if I get something like those new Klipsch DMX speakers, I'll be able to simply hook them up to the SPDIF connector and be good to go? What about regular gaming? Do I need separate, "standard" connections for that (or for general Windows sounds)? Thanks again.

05-17-03, 10:23 PM
I don't think you need seperate connections. I havn't played around with it too much though being as I use the analog outs.

05-18-03, 01:30 AM
A7N8X doesn't have the nForce APU, so you'd prolly want to get a Deluxe or X(?) if you want dd5.1 gaming.
I use dd5.1 as my only connection on my nforce1 415D, and I flat out love it. Aside from random driver bugs, but anyway. It's crystal clear audio, though I could use better speakers (my yamaha tss1s only cost me a hundred....i'm lookin at Logitech z680s but don't have money right now)

05-18-03, 06:54 PM
Good call Savage, I just figured he was talking about the deluxe without even looking.

05-18-03, 07:25 PM
Yes, I do have the Deluxe version. Thanks. :)

05-19-03, 09:57 AM
Savage, I've been looking at the Z680's as well. Will they accept a connection from the SPFDIF jack on the A7N8X deluxe?