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09-26-08, 08:42 AM
I am kinda intrigued about the new Buzz game for the ps3. I have always been a trivia junkie and want to see if this captures the real atmosphere of a proper quiz game. I am especially interested because of the user uploaded quizzes which I hope is more general than the usual American pop culture references. They already have a national geographic pack on PSN.

My only concern is if I will lose interest like I did with Eye of Judgement. I recently dumped all the cards in the trash after my 2 year old had started shredding them and leaving them all over the house.

09-26-08, 06:47 PM
I have been a long time player of Buzz and the new BuzzTV on PS3. It's really good. There have been already a heap of quizzes released including the Aussie and UK packs. It should be noted. the game is British to begin with and localised for different part of the world. For example the Aussie version is voice by Jason Donovan and has most Aussie questions. The online games are pretty fun, they have no voice overs of course, but you can easily find one to suit your tastes. Ultimately it's the ultimate party/family game. Anyone can pick up the buzzers and play.

Also note it's the only game I've seen a retired Air Force Officer throw a proper tantrum because he lost to a 26 year old computer nerd.

09-29-08, 10:02 AM
this game is pretty neat. Though I couldnt get online last night for some reason. I was ace at the braniac and lifestyle sections but my music and movies sections were terrible. Is there only one type of quiz(stop the clock), how do I get the sofa vs sofa in single player?

09-29-08, 04:20 PM
One type of quiz? I think your doing it wrong. There is a whole gameshow. takes anywhere from 30mins-to an hour to play through. Longer if you do an 8 player game. Sofa vs Sofa is probably only available when online. It'll come up when you first start a game.

Note the full game is not available for MyBuzz quizzes.