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09-26-08, 06:12 PM
Yea, I'm still on that same problem - however i found out something new ..

Intel DualCore E6600 (2x2,4Ghz)
GeForce 8800GTS 640MB
Windows Vista 32bit
Currently using Forceware 178.xx (the newest non-beta one isnt it?) - but I tried every driver on this planet by now.

basically, everything on my comp runs great (Crysis + other DX10 games), but WoW runs terrible.

Watching down on Shattrah from the Aldor Lift (my standard benchmark position) yields 15fps with MINIMUM graphical settings, and 12fps with MAXIMUM graphical settings. Investigating this further I noticed that the only setting affectiny my performance AT ALL was view distance, and only to an extent of 3fps. Changing any other setting did absolutely nothing to the framerate.

So after reading 1000 more threads I found out you can run WoW in OpenGL - so I did. Bang, 60FPS with the same settings, same positionin Shattrah. Nice. If the game wasn unplayable in OpenGL (try looking around fast ...) my problem would be solved by just using that library ...

Help appreciated, but please don't respond without actually reading the whole post. I know that "these specs should run the game well" and chances are I tried every "obvious" solution avaliable as well, being stuck with this crap for 1 year now.

09-27-08, 07:56 AM
Is that Windowed mode? if so, how does it run Fullscreen?

09-27-08, 08:31 AM
What resolution are you running, and what AA do you have. Funnily enough, yes AA is a factor for Shattrath. I found dropping from 8x to 2x yielded about 20 FPS (from 25ish to 45 - 50) in Shat, and i run 8800GTX. The extra ram on the card does help at resolutions higher than 1680x1050.

09-27-08, 11:17 AM
As I said, the difference between maximum graphical settings and minimum settings are a mere 3 FPS. 15FPS with everything, and I really mean everything turned off and minimum resolution, fullscreen etc. 12FPS with maximum settings, 8x AA and all that crap. Windows/Fullscreen makes no difference.

I also finally got to testing another DX9 game - Enemy Territory Quake Wars - it also slows down to terrible FPS in crowded indoor areas. Absolutely retarded considering a vastly superior game like Crysis runs totally flawless even in a big battle.

09-27-08, 11:32 AM
I see you're using Vista32. Have you installed the latest DX9?