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09-27-08, 09:14 AM
I've decided to sell my Sennheiser HD555 headphone for the simple reason that I've barely used them since purchase earlier this year. They sound just as good as all the reviews say but prefer to game on my speakers and don't use my pc for music/movies anymore.

Im asking for $70 shipped Sold because they are in flawless condition. That is about 30 cheaper than newegg.

Logitech G9 Laser mouse - also barely used $45 shipped Sold

I also have a few pc games I'm looking to get rid of.

The Orange Box PLUS HL1:S and CS:S $40
Unreal Anthology $10
Riddik pc $10
Company of Heroes (sealed sleeves) $10

All items include the original packaging unless otherwise noted. If you purchase multiple items I may reduce the prices slightly and I will consider all offers on any single item. I am registered to sell with Mike C and have heat under j0j081. Thanks.

bob saget
09-27-08, 01:43 PM
great headphones :)

09-27-08, 06:27 PM
ah crap if my paypal account hadn't gotten hacked just recently I would be all over this.

09-27-08, 11:01 PM

09-28-08, 01:17 AM

09-28-08, 02:13 AM
PM Sent!

09-28-08, 07:07 AM
Please detail headphone sterilization efforts please.

09-28-08, 08:17 PM
Please detail headphone sterilization efforts please.

well I haven't gone that far but did clean the ear cups. these headphones sit around your ear instead of ontop so they don't get very dirty. if you want to sterilize them you should probably do that on your own because I wouldn't want to risk ruining the material.

09-28-08, 10:48 PM
bump. lowered headphone price slightly.