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09-28-08, 11:38 AM
Specs in sig...

I have a problem with fear I see the load balancing bar but its not doing anything to my fps in FEAR.

Runing it at 1920x1080 all maxed ingame get avg 56fps w/sli on or off.

I'm new to this SLI thing I have the latest forceware's relased on the 25th running winVista64.

Any help would be great I want to play this game through again with my new cards but with SLI working before I start again.

I searched all over this forum I cant find anything on the subject.


09-28-08, 11:55 AM
just in fear right?

09-28-08, 12:04 PM
just in fear right?

Ya just FEAR so far. I saw jacobs benches back when he had tri sli 8800ultra's and his 2X ultra

score blows my 260's away?

Here is his bench
1920x1200 4x/16x
2-Way SLI= 141FPS

I'm not even running AA and AF4


I reloaded the driver and now with 1920x1080 4X/16X get this and never thought this would be possible in FEAR omg!!!

http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/9625/fearrf0.th.jpg (http://img90.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fearrf0.jpg)

09-28-08, 01:51 PM
looks like sli is working now:D

09-28-08, 04:18 PM
looks like sli is working now:D

Worked good that 1 time now im back to how it was before.

I duno what is going on it starts out sometimes when i run the benchmark it will have sli load bars almost full screen then by the time its in the shootout it drops to near nil.

Other times it wont do anything just a little bit on the load bars.

Anyone else able to test this for me?

Is it a driver bug? I duno :thumbdwn:

09-28-08, 09:30 PM
What sli mode are you trying??? afr1 or afr2? My 8800's run best with afr2 67,135,337 min,avg,max @ 1600x1200 4aa,16af.Keep fiddling with it;)

09-28-08, 10:05 PM
Keep in mind that you get poor performance with AA and soft shadows enabled at the same time... some issue i think.