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09-28-08, 02:45 PM

Unlocking all achievements in the Xbox Live Arcade version of Duke Nukem 3D earns you two screenshots of the Duke Nukem Forever.

The good folks at Duke Nukem Forever fan site, Duke4.net, took the time to complete all the games achievements and capture the 2 screenshots. You can do the same, or you can simply check them both in the screens tab.

Lookin Good!

09-28-08, 03:00 PM
Welcome to two days ago

09-28-08, 03:58 PM
Welcome to 3d Realms' ass.

09-28-08, 04:02 PM
I really wish they would stop showing screen shots until a release is imminent.
All this teasing just leads to disappointment when we don't get any news for months afterward.

I should be used to it by now I guess, seeing that it has been in development for over a decade. :p

http://pix.nofrag.com/7/a/9/0d6988378f7a6cb82b6e324548805.jpg (http://pix.nofrag.com/7/a/9/0d6988378f7a6cb82b6e324548805.html)

http://pix.nofrag.com/f/2/b/54cc7cda17fb1d03875639374be5b.jpg (http://pix.nofrag.com/f/2/b/54cc7cda17fb1d03875639374be5b.html)

09-28-08, 05:05 PM
Interesting, those shots look good to me! But man the wait is unbearable.

09-29-08, 02:28 AM
I think duke will surely come out now. They are showing more screens and videos than ever

09-29-08, 03:05 AM
Nice bump-mapping on first shot :naughty:

09-29-08, 03:07 AM
Welcome to 3d Realms' ass.

PIECE OF ****!

:D omg that made me laugh so hard. rofl.:captnkill: :headexplode:

09-29-08, 10:42 AM
Looks awsome, cant wait!

09-29-08, 10:55 AM
Looks awsome, cant wait!

That made me LOL.

We've been waiting 10 years. Will another 10 really hurt?

09-29-08, 01:30 PM
Nice bump-mapping on first shot :naughty:

Forget the bump-mapping, check out her ass. :D

09-29-08, 02:53 PM


09-29-08, 06:39 PM
Sexy! Looks awesome. Hopefully it'll come out in 2009. We all have been waiting so long, and I'm probably only one of few who keeps waiting and not giving up. :o

09-29-08, 06:40 PM
Forget the bump-mapping, check out her ass. :D
At least the creators of the game are focusing on the important things... :D

09-29-08, 08:16 PM
ugh, turn on some AA already.

09-29-08, 08:57 PM
haha ugh

09-29-08, 08:58 PM
Except for the lack of AA those shots actually look quite good.

09-29-08, 09:38 PM
Strippers! (nana2)

*puts in pre-order*

09-30-08, 12:31 AM
Strippers! (nana2)

*puts in pre-order*
Its too early to pre-order my friend, but you can pre-pre-order.

09-30-08, 01:09 AM
I don't care about AA anymore. There are many games that doesnt use AA lately...

09-30-08, 01:12 AM
Its too early to pre-order my friend, but you can pre-pre-order.
I'm quite sure there are people in these boards with pre-orders from year 2005 or even earlier..

It will be interesting to see how much 3DRealms gets from all those old pre-orders and what post offices around the world will handle the flood of games sent to abandoned addresses. ;)

09-30-08, 03:35 AM
After all these years, if the game does not support AA, i'm going to kick some asses at 3D Realms.

09-30-08, 04:32 AM
The only way this game will be any good is if it is PERFECT at release.
And I mean the best fps ever made by human hands. Everything less than that is crap after 10+ years

10-01-08, 11:25 AM
What engine is this game using now? It's been ported to so many that I've lost track :D Anyway, if it's using UE3, that could explain why there is no AA...

Looking good though, but I really don't think this game will EVER live up to our expectations. I mean, after 10 years I'm expecting something *very* special. Guess we'll have to wait some more to find out...

10-01-08, 12:14 PM
DNF news are about as exciting as taking a dump...