View Full Version : Model Numbers for NV35 cards

05-18-03, 09:06 AM
So Geforce 4 had ti4800, ti4400, ti 4200

What are the effective models going to be for NV35, of course I see NV35 top model is 5900.

The reason I ask is that at the moment I have a ti4200 on and Amd XP2100+, 512mb ram (pc2100) (2x256 dual channel) on asus a7n8x deluxe. With Half-life 2 etc coming out, I'm wondering if it's gonna be worth looking at one of these new cards. I cannot justify purchasing the top model as it will be too much, but may be able to compromise with a mid level model.

05-18-03, 09:28 AM
IIRC there is a 5900 Value-edition due in july. I'm taking this from memory, because I'm personally mostly interested in the Ultra version. Supposedly priced around $299.