View Full Version : Stolen PlayStation 3 Games Valued at $1.1 Million Recovered by Police, Stolen Again

09-30-08, 05:09 PM
This is just hilarious

British police recovered a truck full of stolen PlayStation 3 games valued at 600,000 pounds (US $1.1M), only to see the truck driven off once again by vandals.

The vehicle was found days later missing seven pallets worth of PS3 games, including 16,000 copies of Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, according to The Sun.

The original theft occurred in Northampton as the truck's driver "rested." After the games were shifted to another truck, cops noticed the vehicle's fake plates and recaptured the games, driving them to a not-so-secure police depot. Crooks then broke into the depot, driving the truck off before it could be checked for fingerprints or DNA.

"We are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry, including eBay transactions where a number of the games have been potentially identified as being advertised for sale," said a police spokesperson. "Arrests have already been made in respect of this."


09-30-08, 08:37 PM
Ouch, talk about a bad day...

09-30-08, 09:18 PM
Don't play games with the cops.

09-30-08, 09:23 PM
Yeah, they use hax.

10-01-08, 07:30 PM
sad, sad...