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05-19-03, 12:53 AM

Hi Everyone, Here Is What I Have For S/T:

*****Note: The Term VALUE denotes selling price in cash (USA Dollars)****
*****Prices Are For One Item Only Unless Otherwise Stated (x*)
Notes The Amount I Have, Not The Price For All Of The Items****
*****I DO post on other forums, so please make offers quickly, there are other people offering me deals as well.

***Sellers Key***:
* NIB = New In Box and complete
* NNB = New No Box or OEM
* UIB = Used In Box
* UNB = Used No Box or OEM

-Heatware ID: Faust69usa http://www.heatware.com/eval.php4?id=8927
-Beerology: http://www.beerology.com/ars/view.cfm?arsID=Faust69usa
-BST Secure: http://www.bst-secure.com/forums/sh...&threadid=67787
-Email/Paypal: iNCiTE-DiVX@juno.com

****Here Is What Im Looking For:
*Serial ATA RAID Controllers
*EPIA M-1000 Via C3 MITX Motherboard
*Blank DVD-R Media
*A 4X or better DVD-RW Drive. Preferably, a HP/Panasonic/Sony Drive.


If you want a pic of something, let me know and ill email it to you. If you’re interested in any of this, post here, or please email me at iNCiTE-DiVX@Juno.com. I do not ship 1st sorry. Thanks for looking!

-DRR PC2100 128mb HTL Brand OEM CL3 =value 19 =NNB
-SDRAM PC133 512mb iNFiNEON OEM Brand CL3 Ram (2x) =value 45 =NNB
-SDRAM PC133 256mb iNFiNEON OEM Brand (2x) =value 25 =NNB
-SDRAM PC133 256mb Lei Brand ECC RAM (4x) =value 25 =UNB
-SDRAM PC133 256mb Crucial ECC CL3 Model # CT32M72S4R75 (9x) =value 40 =NNB
-SDRAM PC133 128mb Hynix Brand OEM (3x) =value 15 =UNB
-SDRAM PC133 128mb iNFiNEON Brand OEM (4x) =value 15 =UNB
-SDRAM PC100 128mb Crucial ECC CL2 Model # CT16M72S4D8E (9x) =value 20 =NNB
-SDRAM PC100 128mb Compaq Brand =value 20 =UNB
-SDRAM PC100 64mb Kingston Brand (4x) =value 10 =UNB
-SDRAM PC100 32mb Generic Brand (3x) =value 5 =UNB
-72 Pin DIM EDO 32mb (8x) =value 10 A Pair (or x2) =UNB
-168 Pin 32mb EDO Dimms (10x) =value 15 a pair =UNB

***Laptop RAM
-32mb (SODIMM) for laptops (x6) =value 10 =UNB

-INTEL XEON CPU 1.5ghz W/400mhz FSB Retail Box W/Pasv HS (2x) =value 130 =NIB
-Intel Pentium Pro 150mhz Socket 8 Cpu (2x) =value 15 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 166 W/MMX Socket 7 (2x) =value 5 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 166 W/O MMX Socket 7 =value 5 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 2 233mhz Slot One W/Cooling Fan =value 10 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 2 400mhz Slot One W/Passive HS =value 20 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 2 400mhz Slot One W/Intel Fan =value 20 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 2 300mhz Slot One W/Passive HS =value 12 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 2 333mhz Slot One W/Cooling Fan =value 14 =UNB
-Intel Pentium 3 733mhz Socket 370 W/133mhz FSB =value 50 =UNB
-Celeron 300 Slot 1 Retail Package (2x) =value 10 =NIB
-Celeron 333 Slot 1 W/Cooling Fan (2x) =value 12 =UNB
-Celeron 333 Slot 1 W/Passive HS =value 12 =UNB
-Celeron 366 (Socket 370 PPGA) (2x) Matched Pair W/HSF =value 15 (25 For Both!) =UNB
-Celeron 400 (Socket 370 PPGA) =value 18 =UNB
-Celeron 600 (Socket 370) =value 28 =UNB
-AMD K6-2 300mhz Socket 7 (2x) =value 10 =UNB
-AMD K6-2 333mhz Socket 7 (2x) =value 12 =UNB
-AMD Durron 750mhz Socket A =value 25 =UNB
-AMD Durron 1.3ghz Socket A =value 35 =NNB
-AMD Athalon 1.33ghz Socket A (266mhz FSB) W/Cooling Fan =value 45 =NNB
-AMD Athalon XP1800+ OEM Socket A W/cooling Fan =value 55 =NNB
-Gigabyte GA-6R7 Sloket Adapter (370 to slot one) (6x) =value 7 =NNB
-Gigabyte GA-6R7+ Sloket Adapter (370 to slot one) (3x) =value 12 =NNB

-2.5 gb Seagate SCSI 80pin Model # ST32430WC =value 10 =UNB
-9.1 gb Seagate SCSI 80pin SCA Model # ST19171WC (8x) =value 20 =UNB
-9.1 gb Seagate SCSI II 50 pin Model # ST19171N =value 20 =UNB
-18.0gb Seagate Fiber Drive 10k RPM Model # ST118202FC =value 25 =UNB
-18.0gb Hitachi 80pin SCA SCSI Drive Model # DK319H-18WC (4x) =value 40 =UNB
-18.2gb Quantum 80pin SCA SCSI Drive Model # ATLAS III (3x) =value 42 =UNB
-80pin SCA to 50 PIN SCSI adapters (4x) =value 8 =NNB

-2.1 gb Quantum ATA33 Model # Fireball SE =value 12 =UNB
-2.4 gb Maxtor ATA33 Model # 82577A6 =value 13 =UNB
-2.5 gb Fujitsu ATA33 Model # M1638TAU =value 14 =UNB
-3.2 gb Western Digital ATA33 Model # AC23200-00LC =value 17 =UNB
-3.2 gb Seagate ATA33 Model # ST332210A =value 17 =UNB
-3.2 gb Fujitsu ATA33 Model # MPC3032AT =value 17 =UNB
-5.4 gb Maxtor ATA66 Model # 90576D4 =value 22 =UNB
-6.4 gb Quantum ATA66 Model # Fireball EX =value 25 =UNB
-20.0gb OEM Generic (Maxtor)ATA100 Model # 2B020H1 (2x) =value 25 =UNB
-20.0gb Maxtor ATA133 Model # Diamondmax Plus 8 (2x) =value 35 =NNB
-80.0gb Maxtor ATA133 Model # Diamondmax Plus 9 =value 70 =NNB

***Laptop HD:
-810 mb IBM Model # DV-AA-2810 (6x) =value 10 =UNB
-810 mb Seagate Model # ST9816AG (7x) =value 10 =UNB
-810 mb Hitachi Model # DK233A-81 =value 10 =UNB
-3.2 gb Fujitsu Model # MHA2032AT (9x) =value 26 =NNB

-TYAN S1668 v3 Dual P-Pro MoBo W/256mb EDO & Dual P-Pro 150's W/Fans =value 125 =UNB
-iNTEL Slot One Model # AL440LX (LX Chipset/ATX) =value 15 =UNB
-iNTEL Slot One Motherboard LX Chipset OEM =value 12 =UNB
-ABiT AH6 Slot One Motherboard LX Chipset =value 15 =UNB
-SOYO SY-6KE Slot One LX Motherboard =value 15 =UNB
-E-Machine Motherboard Pull, Mini-ATX w/Celeron 466 and 64mb SDRAM =value 40 =UNB
-E-Machine Motherboard Pull, Mini-ATX PPGA LX Chipset =value 15 =UNB
-E-Machine Socket 7 SiS 530 Chipset Vid/Sound/Modem/NiC Onboard =value 25 UNB
-ECS K7SEM Socket A/SDRAM/Sound/Video/LAN v1.0 =value 35 =UIB
-ECS L7VMM2 Socket A/DDR/Sound/Video/LAN =value 45 =UIB
-ECS K7S5A Socket A MoBo v3 W/Sound/LAN/SDRAM/DDR =value 40 =NIB
-FIC AZ11EA Socket A Motherboard =value 25 =UNB
-FIC AZ11E Socket A Motherboard (6x) =value 20 =UIB
-FIC AZ11 Socket A Motherboard =value 18 =UNB
-Dell Micro ATX WebPC Motherboard Socket 370 PPGA Vid/USB/Modem =value 20 =UNB
-ASUS P5-99VM Motherboard Socket 7 Motherboard (2x) =value 22 =UIB
-ASUS A7S-VM Socket A MoBo W/Onboard Vid/Sound/LAN =value 30 =UNB
-Tekram P6L40-A4 Slot 1 LX Motherboard =value 15 =UNB
-Tekram 642L Slot 1 LX Motherboard =value 15 =UNB

-8x SCSI 4 Disk CD-ROM Mini Changer Model # MJ-4.8x =value 20 =UNB
-12x SCSI CD-ROM (50 Pin) =value 10 =UNB
-12x SONY SCSI CD-ROM (50 Pin) Model # CDU415 =value 20 =UNB
-52x Creative IDE Model # CD5233E =value 20 =UNB

-PCMCIA SCSI Card (Epson/Adaptec) Model # APA-1460 =value 20 =NNB
-PCMCIA 10/100 Net Card Ambicom Model # AMB8100 =value 15 =NNB
-PCMCIA 10 Net Card Linksys Model # NP10T =value 12 =NNB
-3COM PCMCIA 10mbi LAN Card Model # 3C589D =value 15 =UNB

*****Assorted Cards:
-10/100 LAN USB Network Adapter Linksys Model # USB100TX (4x) =value 10 =UIB
-10/100 3COM 3C590C Network Card PCI =value 10 =UNB
-10/100 3COM 3C905-TX (4x) =value 14 =UNB
-56k USB Modem LAMAQQ Model # RELAQQS =value 20 =NIB
-Sound Blaster Live! Value OEM =value 30 =NNB
-Sound Blaster Audigy OEM =value 40 =NNB
-SCSI u160 Single Channel RAID Controller 68pin PCI Model # DPT-PM3334UW =value 120 =NNB
-SCSI 68pin 32bit SCSI Raid Card Model # PM3334UW =value 55 (6x) =NNB
-SCSI 68pin 2 channel RAID Card DPT-605086 W/16mb EDO Onboard (3x) =value 40 =NNB
-SCSI 2/3 68pin and 50 Pin Buslogic PCI Card (3x) =value 40 =NNB

*****Networking Gear:
-Unicom 8 Port 10mbit Hub Model # MiCRO-NET/8 (3x) =value 15 =NNB
-Flowpoint Model # 134 4 Port DSL Router (3x) =value 20 =UNB
-D-Link 7 Port DSL Router, Model # DI-707 =value 65 =UNB
-D-Link 4 Port DLS Router Model # DI-704 =value 25 =UIB
-Netline 4 Port DSL Router Model # PN8541-1 =value 20 =NNB
-2 Port Netgear 10/100 Ethernet Switch Model # SW502 =value 20 =NNB
-Netgear 8 Port Gigabit Switch Model # FS 509 =value 250 =UNB
-Linksys 8 Port 10/100 Auto-Sensing Hub Model # EFAH08W =value 45 =UNB

-Laptop Internal Zip (100mb) VST Brand Model # ZIPG3 For G3 Apple =value 15 =UNB
-BlackBox Printer Server Model # LE379A =value 12 =UNB
-CopperRocket 201 DSL Modem =value 10 =UNB
-SpeedStream 4060 DSL Modem =value 10 =UNB
-SpeedStream 3060 DSL Internal PCI Modem =value 15 =UIB
-SpeedStream 5851 4 Port DSL Router =value 20 =UNB
-100mb SCSI Zip Drive (external) W/1 100mb Disk =value 20 =UNB
-Logitech Web Cam USB Model # 961206-0403 =value 15 =NIB
-OnSpecLink Smart Card Reader (Fits in a 3 1/2 Slot) (6x) =value 10 =NIB
-Exabyte 2gb SCSI Tape Drive Model # EXB-4200c (3x) =value 25 =NNB
-Syquest 1.0gb SCSI SparQ Drive and 3x 1gb SparQ Disks =value 25 =UNB

**S/T of an OS Comes With an ATA60/100 IDE Cable Per the MS License Agreement**
-OEM Copy of WinNT 4.0 Workstation W/Unused Serial # (2x) =value 30 =UNB
-OEM Copy of Win2000 Pro Unopened W/Unused Serial # =value 105 =NNB
-OEM Copy of WinXP Pro Unopened W/Unuesd Serial # =value 120 =NNB

***System For Sale #1 (For Sale Only)
Mid Tower ATX Case W/300w PSU
ECS K7S5A Pro Motherboard (With Onboard LAN/Sound)
1.3ghz Durron CPU W/Cooler Master Fan
256mb PC2700 Samsung RAM CL3
20.0 GB Western Digital ATA133/7200rpm Harddrive
52x Creative Labs IDE CD-ROM
52x Optowrite IDE CD-RW Drive
1.44mb Floppy Drive
56k PCI Diamond SupraMax Modem
4 Port IEEE Firewire Card PCI
Chaintek 64mb Geforce 2 MX400 AGP Video Card W/TV Out
###Asking Price for this system 275 Dollars (USA)

System For Sale #2 (For Sale Only)
Mini-ATX Case W/145w ATX Psu (Former E-Machine)
ECS K7SEM Motherboard W/Onboard Video/Sound/Networking
AMD Athalon 1700+ Retail Cpu W/3yr Warranty & AMD Cooler
512mb PC133 Samsung SDRAM
20.0gb Fujitsu ATA100 IDE Harddrive
52x Optwrite IDE CD-RW Drive
56k PCI Voice/Fax Modem
4 Port IEEE Firewire Card IDE
1.44mb Floppy Drive
###Asking Price for this system 350 Dollars (USA)

System For Sale #3 (For Sale Only)
Mini Tower ATX Case W/350w PSU
ECS K7VMM+ Motherboard W/Onboard LAN/Sound/Video)
AMD Athlon XP2200+ CPU (Retail w/3yr Warranty & AMD Cooler)
512mb PC2700 DDR Ram (Samsung Brand CL3)
80gb Maxtor Diamond Max 9 ATA133/7200 RPM Harddrive
52x Creative Labs IDE CD-ROM
16x/32x/32x LG DVD-ROM/CD-ROM/CD-RW IDE Combo Drive
56k iNTEL PCI Modem
Geforce 4 MX440 64mb APG Chaintek Brand Video Card
4 Port IEEE Firewire Card PCI
1.44mb Floppy Drive
###Asking Price for this system 400 (USA)

05-19-03, 01:05 AM
Do you post regularly over at [h] or Futuremark's for sale/trade boards under a similar handle?

05-19-03, 01:13 AM
yep i do, i was just reading some articles, lookin at sites, found these forums, so ya know spreadin' the word :D

05-19-03, 01:18 AM
Welcome! :D

You have a nice spread and decent prices, I wish I had some cash to burn. Good luck!

05-19-03, 01:25 AM
heh thanks a lot :) nice to be here!

05-19-03, 11:18 AM
hmmm.. i have a few nintendo games laying around i think:)
i also have:
a geforce2mx
a 350 watt psu
a soundblaster live 5.1
a floppy drive...:D

05-19-03, 07:19 PM
I have a brand new Palm Zire still in factory seal if you are interested.

06-10-03, 03:43 PM
a BUMP for you, fellow [h] trader. :)