View Full Version : Help needed to get my mobo to boot from USB flash drive

10-05-08, 10:38 PM
Ok, I'm pulling my hair out on this one, so if you have any ideas, please help.

I've created a 4GB USB Flash Drive with Vista SP1 on it and it can be booted just fine from my Dell Laptop, but with my Gigabyte, the boot just locks up when it accesses the flash drive.

I have USB-HDD set as the boot device in the BIOS and I've also tried USB-FSD, USB-ZIP and USB-CDROM but only USB-HDD causes the flash drive to be accessed on boot but it just hangs after showing the post screen. System boots fine as soon as I take out the USB thumb drive.

I tried updating to the latest F9A bios, but same thing.

Any ideas?

10-06-08, 01:27 PM
Ok, I finally got it to boot. I stumbled upon someone on Google who changed the format from Fat32 to Fat on their thumb drive to get it to boot and it worked!

When it was Fat32 it booted fine on my Dell laptop, but it had to be just Fat to boot on the DS3L... Everything else about the way I created the image and the contents of the Vista image were the same. I installed Vista off the thumb drive and it is FAST!

One thing I'd like to try now is formatting the thumb drive using NTFS and booting. For some reason I don't feel good that my thumb drive is formatted using the old nasty FAT! :)

10-06-08, 11:15 PM
what is the purpus of doing that?

10-07-08, 12:36 AM
Yes. What is the reason? Vista on a flash drive? Curious indeed.