View Full Version : Where's the AA?

10-06-08, 06:36 PM
Okay, so I'm trying to figure this out. I have great AA in Crysis, but no other game does it seem like I'm getting any AA in. I've tried enabling everything up to 16x AA in HL2, World in Conflict, Eve Online, and Armed Assault. It doesn't seem like anything is happening.
I'm running GeForce GTX 260s in SLI with 178.13 drivers. Fresh install of Vista.

10-06-08, 08:07 PM
I had the same issue when i went from my 8800gts to my gtx260. I had to uninstall and run driver cleaner from safe mode before reinstalling. Coming from a fresh install of Vista the only thing I can think of is the standard Nvidia drivers Vista installs is messing with your new ones. Not something you would expect to happen though...

10-07-08, 01:38 PM
Yeah, tried driver cleaner and still all my DX9 games do not appear to be using anti-aliasing.

Edit: So, I was playing with HL2 and if I turn in-game 2x MSAA and Vertical Sync off I get full 16x anti-aliasing. Any other setting and my AA goes away. Weird.