View Full Version : WoW Player has 36 Accounts and Raids by Himself

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Hell of a setup though. :D

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10-11-08, 03:18 PM
All he had to do is get TF2 and look at all the money he could have saved. :(

10-11-08, 03:19 PM
If he loves it then thats great.
To each their own

10-11-08, 03:34 PM
Hmm i smell BS.....

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10-11-08, 04:13 PM
He must get one hell of an electric bill each month........

10-11-08, 04:15 PM
what has the world come to

10-11-08, 04:29 PM
All this playing with himself is gonna cause blindness.

10-11-08, 04:30 PM
Look at those laptops, they all have stickers on, like they're recently bought. :lol: If this is a real thing, then man... he has no life.

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10-11-08, 04:36 PM
If you follow the link he has a screenshot of army. I believe it, but you can't control 36 people yourself in a raid... 36x "ANY DAMAGE SPELL" is gonna "1 shot" anyone in pvp if that was his goal.

Heck 36 fire totems would wreck a lot of stuff.

Blizzard allows this sort of thing because its not considered automation. His 36 man army would still lose an AV since he can't possibly hold and fight what he needs to and win.

10-11-08, 07:29 PM
they look extremely under geared to raid any 25 man stuff.

Great for 5 mans if you wanna power level and stuff...but then you won't need 36 accounts.

Those accounts look more like gold farming/etc.

10-11-08, 08:01 PM
Hmm i smell BS.....
Could be ..

10-11-08, 10:58 PM
Only 36 what a light weight...

10-12-08, 12:38 AM
What is this guy an octopus:confused:

+10 on an giant electric bill:scarey::bugeyes:

10-12-08, 01:10 AM
Me have no life... Me love me long time...

Xion X2
10-12-08, 01:24 AM
Me have no life... Me love me long time...

Soon to be seen jumping off a building into paradise..

10-12-08, 01:27 AM
What is this guy an octopus:confused:

+10 on an giant electric bill:scarey::bugeyes:


For my keys to send to all instances of WoW on my 11 computers, I use Octopus 1.3.2. Maximizer in Octopus allows me to start up all WoW instances at the same time or any individual instance such as if a WoW instance has crashed. It also allows me to shutdown all of the computers at the same time.

Pretty sweet setup. You could do some serious damage with that kind of setup.

10-12-08, 01:38 AM
36 accounts for a boring ass game. LOL!

10-12-08, 02:57 AM
Me have no life... Me love me long time...

there is a reason he has to play with himself

10-12-08, 10:38 AM
What gigantic loser. WoW players are losers, this one is gigantic.

10-12-08, 01:18 PM
The setup is most likely new.. he hasn't spent much time on the characters. it looks like they may be in the mid 20's because some have shoulder pads and some dont. However these guys are all wearing leather and no high end skins what so ever. Def the most extreme setup ive seen so far.

As for raiding..I wouldn't get my hopes up. Aside from the fact that they look to be all shamans, a single person couldn't control 10 people to get through even the most basic of raids, karazhan.

Edit: Finally got the page to load. He said most are over 60 now, the screenshot above is probably pretty old then.

trivium nate
10-12-08, 03:23 PM
wow wtf what fattass **** probably wow
i want to kick his ass n smash his ****!