View Full Version : Fx 5900u I don't understand.

05-19-03, 10:16 PM
The artice on the fron page has these two graphs.



Both show ddr-I and ddr-II for the same product.
Since it say's and not or I guess that means the memory is mixed?
The extra 128 over the standard 5900 is ddr-II?
What would be the puropse for this?

Also does the 5900u and the regular 5900 cpu and memory run at the same clock speed?

05-19-03, 10:25 PM
I don't understand what you are trying to say.

5900 Ultra supports both DDR I and DDR II memory, meaning we will most likely see a revamp of 5900 with such memory :) Only Ultra has 256MB of RAM, that goes for both versions (DDR I and DDR II).

05-19-03, 10:33 PM
I mean the charts say lineup and give model numbers v9950 ultra and fx5900 ultra.

So I guess you are saying that the info in the charts is not accurate? I mean if a card mfg. has one card with ddr-I and another with ddr-II and sells both under the same model numbers that would be confusing.

Maybe it's that they used v9950 memoy 256mb ddr-I AND ddr-II.
If I am buying a car and the stadard features list cd and tape player and I get the car and it only has a tape player I would be upset. If it said cd or tape player then I would understand.

Do you know if the 5900 non ultra gpu(not cpu oops) and memory speeds will be clocked the same as the 5900 ultra?
In other words the difference between a 5900 and a 5900 ultra is only a extra 128mb memory.

05-19-03, 11:08 PM
I see what you're saying. DDR II boards were not announced, no official name. Depending on the company they will supply their own names I suppose.

And yes, Ultra and Non-Ultra will have the same clocks, only difference AFAIK will be memory amount.

05-19-03, 11:12 PM
Thank you :)