View Full Version : SOL 2.5D Release on Oct 17th, with Multitudinous Events

10-14-08, 02:35 AM
Had been waiting for so long time, Iíve finally found official news about Shadow of Legend 2.5D version, which would be released on Oct 17, 2008, also itís said that there would be lots of in-game events to welcome players to join 2.5D version, such as Guild Support, Level Contest, Bug Report, VIP package, and Double Experience and so on. Click here to learn: http://www.shadowoflegend.com/web/News.aspx?ID=513

Been staying for more than a year in the game, and be familiar with their GMs, Iíve got 3 VIP accounts which could get free VIP package in the game, including lots of in-game items which could only bought by Diamonds. I would be pleasant to give one or two to you if you would be interested in the game, just PM me or you could log in game and try to ask for it from online GMs.

10-14-08, 03:09 AM