View Full Version : Help me save my VideoCard Drivers!

05-20-03, 09:27 AM
Literally.. they wont save.

Last night while installing the new nForce Drivers i choose No when it asked to install the VideoCard drivers ( i wanted to keep the 44.03 ones i just got) but the rest went fine. When i rebooted my VideoCard drivers were gone. When i would go to desktop properties it says Default Monitor on Unknown device. Then in Device Manager it still says GeForce TI4200 but with a yellow exclamation point on it. So.. if i update the video card driver right then and there the computer works great in games and all, just when i reboot their gone again :(

So after getting frustrated i format my C: and the first thing i installed after windows was ready was the 2.03 nForce drivers (clicking yes for Video this time). They installed fine but as soon as i rebooted my videocard drivers were messed up again.

Whats going on here? the only Hardware change i have done lately is a new Montitor (Samsung 1200NF) but that worked fine all weekend. these problems started with the install of the new nForce Drivers. I dont understand what it could be since i did a clean format and used the older drivers again. How is this problem hardware related.

05-20-03, 12:02 PM
Try formatting, installing SP1 the first thing you do, and then install the newest nForce drivers.

05-20-03, 12:07 PM
I'll give it a try but i dont think it would help. I just remembered that i also updated my m/b BIOS so that could easily be the problem. i'll have time to try these things later tonight.