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10-16-08, 11:17 AM

10-16-08, 11:42 AM
Heck yeah, cant wait (nana2)

10-16-08, 11:54 AM
**** yes!

10-16-08, 12:07 PM
Whoa that's awesome... so I'm guessing it's going to be taken on land instead of in water? Big sisters have grew up it seems... man, I cant wait!

10-16-08, 12:20 PM
Hmm, looks cool!

10-16-08, 12:35 PM
Guess I should reinstall and force myself to finish BS1.

10-16-08, 01:04 PM
I was just playing Bioshock last night again. Very intriguing trailer. I want to see more. :cool:

10-16-08, 01:16 PM
It doesn't show alot of things, just a girl with a doll looking at the sun and the sea

10-16-08, 01:22 PM
The trailer was crap. They should have shown a bit more imo...

10-16-08, 01:23 PM
From Wiki:

"The PlayStation 3 release of BioShock contained a teaser trailer for the sequel, titled BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. The trailer featured a seemingly grown-up Little Sister holding a Big Daddy toy on a beach on the Atlantic Coast, staring out towards the ocean. The trailer concluded with pillars of rock and sand rising from the beach, before forming the skyline of Rapture, and finally transforming into a barnacle-encrusted BioShock 2 logo, with the subtitle Sea of Dreams appearing in the last few seconds. M. Night Shyamalan has been confirmed to be on the development team for Bioshock 2."

10-16-08, 01:36 PM
I think the video definately gives us some juicy images to speculate with... I am especially wondering if the Rapture rising from the sane means the city will be rebuilt on land. Sand is, after all, a symbol for earth, ground, land, etc....

10-16-08, 01:46 PM
M. Night Shyamalan? I cant stand his movies

10-16-08, 01:54 PM
It doesn't show alot of things, just a girl with a doll looking at the sun and the sea

It's called a teaser trailer, it should leave you wanting more. :D

10-16-08, 02:42 PM
M Night Shamalam, Cant wait for the spooky twist in the tail :thumbdwn:

10-16-08, 02:44 PM
i hope its not the same engine.. i wanna see some pretty upgrades :D ... looks like we gonna be playing on land this time.

10-16-08, 02:56 PM
m. night shyamalan part got removed from wiki at this moment. guess it's false.

10-16-08, 03:24 PM
It was very cool, but it doesn't say much

10-16-08, 04:07 PM
This trailer sucks.

10-16-08, 04:09 PM
I really liked the first game and even bought the collectors edition with the big dady statue.:D
I'm sure I'll like the new one.I just hope it doesn't look like an expansion pack.

10-16-08, 04:14 PM
This trailer sucks.

agreed. Waste of time.

10-16-08, 05:20 PM
Some people doesn't understand what "teaser" trailer means. :rolleyes:

10-16-08, 05:21 PM
I hope they really change up the gameplay with the sequel.

The first one was awesome for the first couple levels but got extremely stale in the last 3/4 of the game. Just way too repetitive. Since it was "the perfect game" though, the sequel will probably be the same game with a couple new powers.

10-16-08, 05:26 PM
M Night Shamalam, Cant wait for the spooky twist in the tail :thumbdwn:

you wake up as a teenage gamer and realize your late for work and put the video game down.
there ending spoiled. m night's movies suck.

10-16-08, 06:02 PM
I definitely won't hold the same high hopes as I did with Bioshock. I was looking forward to that and I loved the demo, but I was nothing but disappointed with the game. I managed to play through to the end but I think it was so over rated...

I'll be interested to see what they've done different with Bioshock 2 though.

10-16-08, 06:13 PM
M Night Shamalam is a great director, to understand his movies people gotta have a different mind set, they are not for everyone... he will do a better job if he writes the story for BioShock2 but not alone.