View Full Version : Problem with NOLF (GOTY)

05-20-03, 03:30 PM
I have the strangest problem with this game that I have had like forever. I have had this problem with both the Ti4600 (previous card) and the 9800 Pro (current card).

For one thing, this game does not seem to like Anisotropic filtering. Whenever I try to use it, the center of the screen is blackish whenever a level loads, for a couple of seconds and then clears up. Also during cutscenes the black border is transparent. Very irrating so I don't even use it anymore.

But that isn't my biggest problem with this game. The main problem is sound cut out. Dialogs don't finish. It seems the timing is all out of sync between the video and audio. Example; during the opening cutscene when the guy lights the cigarette and then gets shot by Volkov. I hear the shot and the sound of the guy falling down before the guy even moves. I can tell by this that everything is going to be out of sync for the rest of the game's dialogs.

Now what's really weird is I have only been able to eliminate this by doing one thing and one thing only. If I go to 1600x1200 with vsync on, and FSAA off, the video and audio will be in sync. ANY other combination of res, FSAA, vsync will result in being back out of sync again. This is the weirdest dam thing I have ever experienced.

Anyone out there have any clue what the deal is here? I have my ram set to timings 2-2-2-5. Would by any chance ram timings could cause the type of problem I am having? I only have this problem on this game and something similar on AVP2 (which is also a Lithtech game). Funny thing, NOLF 2 runs perfect with no above problems.

05-20-03, 06:04 PM
I have the aniso problem. One assumes thats a game thing.

As to the other, I've had it before, but I don't know which game OR how I fixed it.