View Full Version : Advice Needed on DFI-NF4SLI-DR LAN PARTY Board

10-20-08, 10:36 PM
In a quest to upgrade from my AMD Athlon 64 3000+ to a faster Socket 939, I've decided to go with the Opteron 180 as I'm not ready to go full upgrade yet to Intel...

Now my question is, I've got a Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9-RH (basic board really) which uses the NF4 430MCP with a integrated GeForce 6100. It has no options to up voltages, only multipliers and ram timings etc.

Would it be worth (for cheap) to upgrade to a DFI-NF4SLI-DR LAN PARTY board ? I guess the MAIN question I'm asking is, will it perform better in games, stock vs stock. I know if i OC the DFI ill be able to up voltages and effectively get better results then the Gigabyte one, but stock vs stock noticeable running the Opteron 180?


- Grechie