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05-20-03, 10:56 PM
I'm writing this post because according to a message left on my voice mail, eVGA is downgrading me from a Ti4600 to a new FX 5600 Ultra. How did this happen? Well two weeks ago I was playing BF1942, and after 30 mins of gameplay I noticed artifacts on the screen, and then it happened, a black screen. I turned off my machine and rebooted it to find any graphical output screwed up with artifacts. So I turned off my machine and called eVGA my card manufacture, and they told me that the memory probably went out and to send it in to them. So I did, and after a week and a half of hearing nothing from them, I called them back to see what was up. I talked to a tech support rep, who told me that they got my card and were just waiting for another shipment from the warehouse of the same card I had. I asked when that might be and the tech support guy responded with a weird tone. He said that it had no date on when a shipment would ever come in. So, he called some more people and said that he would get back to me. About an hour later I checked my voice mail and got a message from eVGA saying that they don't have anymore Ti4600's because they don't make them anymore due to the upcoming FX series. Instead they are shipping me a GeForce FX 5600 Ultra. (http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?Part_Number=256-A8-N318-T4)

With that said, does anyone know of a good review that compares the 5600 Ultra to the Ti4600, so I can see exactly how ripped off I'm going to be?

I don't know if any of you remember a special deal that eVGA had last year, but they had a special where if you pre-ordered the GeForce 4 Ti4600 from them, you would get the card with a factory overclock of 700mhz RAM speed, and also a step-up program in which within two years of purchase, you could send the card back and put what ever you spent on the card towards the lastest and greatest nVidia cards. I spent $399.99 on the Ti4600 which means that I would have $399.99 towards the new FX 5900 Ultra if I choose to "step-up" to that card. But now that they are replacing my card with a $249.99 card, I'm scared that I'll some how get ripped off. I guess that I'll just have to call eVGA and see whats going on tomorrow.

I'm posting this because I would like to know what you people of this community would do if you were in this situation. What do you all think eVGA will say? Do you have any advice for me to as how I should approach this?

05-20-03, 11:07 PM
When did you buy your TI4600 ?
The problem is your card does not worth 399 today....

05-20-03, 11:12 PM
If you can step-up to the FX5900 without paying a single cent more for it, then it's a much better deal for you.

The 5600 Ultra is really..... underperforming to say the least. :( :o

Here's a review showing better results of FX cards with the latest Detonator 44.03, you can compare the scores you get with the 4600 and the 5600 regular(325MHz core 275MHz mem).


Haven't seen any benchmarks of the 5600 Ultra(older steppings are 350/350, newer ones are 400/400) with the newer drivers yet though.

After seeing that link, I'm even more shocked! They're not giving you the 5600 Ultra, they're giving you the 5600 regular! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Imho, you should definately don't accept this. This feels more like a downgrade.... :mad:

05-20-03, 11:18 PM
thats a good deal...the 5600 ultra is better than a gf4. Also you get the whole dx9 stuff and faster AF&AA.

05-20-03, 11:25 PM
Sounds like they don't want to search for a Ti4600 for ya. Considering they don't even make their own cards. Call them and say, "Why don't you call Sparkle and send me the Ti4600 as that is the product I have a warranty for."

eVGA uses the reference board and they buy their supply from Sparkle. To say that they can't get a Ti4600 is a joke. Just tell them to have it shipped from Sparkle as that is where they usually buy their cards from.


Plus if you look at the box on Sparkle's page it looks awfully familiar to the eVGA one... DOH! Hehehe.

D. Solomon Jr.

05-20-03, 11:29 PM
I am honestly getting higher numbers on my 5200 Ultra with the 44.03 det driver. Something is wrong with that picture.

I am mot trying to take sides because I own an EVGA cards for years and they do make great cards and remember "THIS IS STRICTLY BASED ON My own Personal Experience"

I strongly believe that the 5600 ULTRA they are offering you wouldn't be that bad.

I have great experience with their Customer service group and I know they will work with you.

But it was your money , and of course you could ask for more. Always try to ask first and will never hurt.

05-20-03, 11:33 PM

That is a 5600 REGULAR (325/275). And what's even scarier, the memory chips on it is only 4ns(250MHz/500MHz effective)! That's slower than what Nvidia specified for the 5600!

See the specs on MSI's 256MB FX5600


GPU Core Clock: 325MHz, Memory Clock: 550MHz

Something very fishy is going on here.

05-20-03, 11:40 PM

If you can wait.... the ULRA should be out soon , then go for the 5600 ULTRA . I don't thing that EVGA have it in stock yet.

05-21-03, 12:01 AM
doc, call Evga and demand they eather replace your gf4ti 4600 with an evga one, or a competotors from a 'store' if they have too.

then again, maybe you could sweet talk them into a 5900 if you complain enough and start to make a sceen hehe.

05-21-03, 12:05 AM
I had a Logitech optical wheel mouse break, and i called Logitech every other day and finally one day i just lashed out at tech support, and what do they do? Send me a MX300 next day shipped for free.:eek: :angel:

05-21-03, 01:33 AM
Shame its not the new Gainward one, Which actually looks fairly nice ;\

05-21-03, 02:07 AM
isnt it a month before the 5900 series are supposed to retail ?

05-21-03, 05:41 AM
I wouldn't say it's a total rip off. The 5600U will have more capabilities, but unfortunetly in any DX8 or lower apps including 3dmark2k1 you will often see less performance and FPS than a TI4600. This does not always apply however when using quality settings with high AA and AF. Turn up the AA and AF you can get some performance back from TI4600. And I gurantee your 3dmark2k3 score will be much better because than TI4600 because you have DX9 hardware now.

Does 5600U get outperform by R9500/R9600? Yes. Does it get outperform by TI4600? Sometimes. Is 5600U a bad card? Not really. I wouldn't say you are flat-out getting ripped off, and honestly for the DX8 apps that lose some FPS we're not talking a hell of a lot... often between 5-10fps on avg I've read. And yes the reason why you are getting a $250us card is because your TI4600 isn't even worth that much anymore, it doesn't matter what you paid for it.

Worst case scenario if you don't want the 5600U, keep it in the original box all nice and sealed, and sell it as new on ebay. Then use the money towards a 5900U.

05-21-03, 09:43 AM
Originally posted by GlowStick
doc, call Evga and demand they eather replace your gf4ti 4600 with an evga one, or a competotors from a 'store' if they have too.

then again, maybe you could sweet talk them into a 5900 if you complain enough and start to make a sceen hehe.

That was a great Idea........ demand for a 5900.

05-21-03, 10:06 AM
well it seems that you could call for the step up program.

Instead of getting a 5600 now, you could wait about a month and get 5900 or 5900 ultra, even if you have to give 50 bucks for the trade it would be a great deal.

Or accept the 5600 only if they honor the 399 dlls you paid for the geforce4 so you can use the step up program later.

05-21-03, 12:24 PM
I assume your 4600 is still under warranty? If so, you should look at the small print in your contract- you could be stuck. It probably says something like they will replace with a refurbished or equivalent product of their chosing.

You should call again and be nice about it- tell them that you'ld like a different product- but DON'T offer to pay more money for it. Hold that back as a last resort. Yesterday I got an RMA'd replacement PS from ANTEC, and it was the same outdatted model with the same problem- I called them and the tech support guy finally offered to send me the new version- I never once offered to pay, I only asked why they didn't send me the new model to begin with.

Hopefully you'll find someone nice to deal with. They sound like they have decent tech support- you actually spoke to a real person. Lol.

05-23-03, 06:53 AM
I just wanted to update anyone who cares about this situation.

I called eVGA and told them the situation, and what I was concerned about. The tech support rep put me on hold for 5 mins to talk to the main office or who ever would be in charge of making such a desission, and came back with good news. Basicly, they said for me to use the 5600 as a replacement because they don't carry the Ti4600 anymore. And as far as the step up program goes, when I want to step up I still have a full $400 towards what ever card I want from eVGA.

So I think whenever eVGA starts shipping out the FX 5900 Ultra, I'll step up to that. I was planning on doing that anyways. So I'm pretty happy with the situation's outcome. I don't mind using the 5600 for the time being. Hell it'll be faster than this GF 2 Pro I'm using right now.

Thanks to everyone who replied to this post with their oppinions.

05-23-03, 10:40 AM
400$ to step up, i have to admit thats a pritty sweet deal!!!

Do they still offer this step up program : P

btw do you have to send in your 5600 to 'step' up or do you get to keep it?

05-23-03, 11:42 AM
Nice. I think my next card will be an eVGA product.

05-23-03, 07:13 PM
eVGA is the company that NVIDIA uses for employee-discount video cards. That's good cred IMHO.

05-23-03, 07:15 PM
Originally posted by ricercar
eVGA is the company that NVIDIA uses for employee-discount video cards. That's good cred IMHO.

i want this step up program, so can i buy a 400$ card and keep
'stepping' up every time a new one is released : D

05-24-03, 01:04 PM
I wish that they still offered the step up program... but I think that I was a once in a lifetime thing. I saw it and took advantage of it right away. What the deal was is you had to pre-order the GeForce4 Ti4600 from eVGA a little over a year ago. When I did, 2 years from that purchase date is when I could step up my card. All I do is send in the old card and whatever I paid for the card would be put towards the next card of my choosing. And you can only step up once within that two year period.

Its one hell of a sweet deal and I'm glad I got it. I'm not sure if they'll ever do it again. It would be nice if they did though.

05-25-03, 12:11 AM
I am honestly getting higher numbers on my 5200 Ultra with the 44.03 det driver

Of course we all know why that is now... :rolleyes:

05-25-03, 02:48 AM
i like evga.. they sent me a free t shirt:D :D :D

05-25-03, 03:57 AM
Originally posted by Hellbinder
Of course we all know why that is now... :rolleyes:

Lemme guess ? :D

Actually, if you wish to overclock your 5200 you have to use the 44.03's so you get a " double bonus " :)

I think nVidia should be allowed to cheat for the 5200 coz it's only little ....