View Full Version : nvidia 7600, missing faces

10-28-08, 05:29 AM
I have bought a nvidia 7600, 256Mb some time (a pair of year) ago to use with compiz under linux.

Now I've rebooted windows to try some demo game and they are unplayable because of graphics display errors. Mesh faces are sometime missing or sometime misplaced.

This is how the nvidia control panel rotating logo displays as an example
http://omploader.org/tdmht (http://omploader.org/vdmht).

Anyone can help me?

p.s. My system is an old p4 2.5Ghz with agp4x slot, while card supports up to 8x

11-17-08, 07:59 AM
up :)

All I need to know is if my card is broken or if this could be a driver (or generally software related) problem.

Thanks for answers

11-17-08, 08:02 AM
have you tried at least two drivers? current and a bit older version?

my guess is that the card is bad.