View Full Version : ipod headphones suck so I have rubber drive-bay grommets in my ears

10-28-08, 05:53 PM
Setting the EQ to BASS with the standard apple supplied headphones turns on crackle and empty space.

My sony walkman phone phones have a rubber grommet missing making them unusable ,
I know ive got some spares somewhere but we had a tidy up last week which means everything got pushed into a cupboard...

They cost about $6 a set on ebay and thats never gonna happen as im such a tightwad.

Long story short is the rubber drive-bay sound dampening grommets from my Antec p182 case make perfect replacements for the missing rubber, In fact they stay in better than the real thing.

Just thought Id share :p

10-28-08, 06:43 PM

You're an ideas man XD.

10-29-08, 06:57 PM
that made me lol!!! :rofl: