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10-29-08, 01:00 PM
Does WC really off that big of advantage over a good quality air setup?
The reason i ask this is im trying to figure out what i want to do on my next build.

A good quality air build? or water?

I plan on overclocking the hell out of the i7 :D
So that may help you help me out here.

10-29-08, 01:50 PM
if you want little troble go air if not WC is more superior

10-29-08, 02:34 PM
Go h20 to start with to prevent coulda shoulda woulda...

Be sure to go the whole hog, not just the cpu.

10-29-08, 06:10 PM
It really depends on your set up and what you want to do with it.

If you're running a Q6600 and a single video card in well ventilated case, air is fine.

If you're looking for over 4ghz on an 8400 with 3 video cards and 2 HDDS you might want to think about H2O

10-29-08, 11:35 PM
AIR all the way. TRUE 120 + 24/7 stable OC = Done.

10-30-08, 08:22 AM
Air. WC looks nice but it's :thumbdwn: on the long run.

10-30-08, 09:00 AM
You have to go off what components you have too. WC doesnt cool the whole system just major components GPU, CPU and sometimes nothbridge. Some of the x38/x48 boards get really hot in certain places and WC'ing isnt really a practical move, you mention your going for i7 so depending on your mobo (x58) or other you could always stick fans in with the WC'ing, but then that defeats the whole object.

IMO go with AIR and get the good products like thermalright as mentioned before, if it doesnt work out and you decide to WC then you havent really lost much as if you did it vice versa. ;)

Mr Bigman
10-30-08, 10:35 PM
I went back and forth with Air and H20.

I am using a zalman top end cooler right now on all my cpu's until i get this new case and will re esemble the watercooling shaw.

10-31-08, 03:05 AM
Not counting laptops, I have 4 PCs, 3 older ones on air and my current rig is on water. My newest case design (hopefully a rig some day if I can ever afford the parts) is also water cooled. My water setups are full custom and I did it for the fun, engineering challenge, performance, and noise reduction. Once put together, I've had zero maintenance issues. I guess I'll have to change the fluid and flush things out eventually. WRT "challenge", I did kill some HW (GPU and MB) due to a leak (despite using non-conductive fluid) so, with any challenge, comes the risk of failure and associated costs. Makes things exciting assuming you can afford it. That being said, I'm going for SFF with my next design and that will be uATX and air cooled.

I never asked anybody if they thought I should try water cooling.
The fact that you are tends to make me think you should stay w/ air.

10-31-08, 08:50 AM
That is what scares me about water cooling a leak and messing up $1000 of hardware.I think I will stay with air cooling.

10-31-08, 10:40 AM
I was on the bubble too about WCing. Finally bit the bullet and got a kit(Swiftech H2O-220) and I am impressed. Was not able to OC much more than where I was(using TRUE-120) but system is much quieter with same performance. I worried about it leaking at first but now I don't even think about it.

Mainly did it to try it. Will do a custom system on next build. WCing to me def doesn't justify the cost. But to some, neither does a $650 video card(8800GTX Nov'06).

To each his own.

Good luck with your decision. Either way, you'll have a great system.

11-01-08, 02:42 PM
try this case kicks ass

11-01-08, 03:01 PM
its a ripoff compared to MM