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10-30-08, 06:17 AM
Apart from Microsoft FSX, FlightGear what other simulators out there are worth trying.
I mean.. civil aviation as well as combat ones.

10-30-08, 01:51 PM
Here are few to check out and the price is right...


Combat WWII

IL2 1946: Considered by many to be the best out there for WWII right now. It has a very active online community. It's a very deep WWII Sim. The Single Player is okay and if you use the hand made campaigns they are very solid. $19.00

Combat Modern

Falcon 4 Allied Force: Again considered to be the top of its class for simulating the real pilot workload in an F-16. The single player is probable one of the best out there. Campaign mode runs a real time war and you participate. Runs great.

LOMAC with Flaming Cliffs: Models several planes very high fidelity nice graphics. Single player is a little stale but good over all. Avionics are considered a bit light but hard for beginners.

New Black Shark is Coming out next month: Helo sim very high end and up to date graphics.

*Note none of the sims listed above are NOT considered arcade by any stretch. They are simulations and they have varied learning curves. The good news is they are very long lasting and the replayibility with all of them is over the top.

My current favorite right now is IL2 1946. Very rich and approachable for most new people. The online community is great and there are many servers up to fit each persons abilities. Lot of virtual squads and most of them are solid guys willing to help people.

My 2 Cents

10-30-08, 02:20 PM
Battle of Britain II:


10-30-08, 03:25 PM
yeap should have mentioned BOBII for the WWII stuff. Great single player game too bad it doesn't support Multi