View Full Version : FiFA 2009 Official Thread

10-31-08, 09:52 AM
Who here is playing FiFA 2009?

discuss ;)

10-31-08, 10:14 AM
me but on the ps3. I am so enjoying the 10 vs 10 BAP mode. We have our own club going and the league matches are also better laid out this time. I have a hard time controlling the ball though, it just seems to bounce off the players in long passes and lobs.

06-28-09, 02:02 PM
I have it. Its fun, but not as good as say PS3.
I love the 1 on 1 Third-person shooting

07-02-09, 02:01 PM
I took some screenies of me Pwning France. I was Italy. It ended at 8-7. It was going back and forth the whole time. Then I was with 10 players when the ref called a red card, on a "fair" play :)

07-02-09, 02:05 PM
Some more

07-02-09, 02:08 PM
And more, I don't understand why they don't look that good. Im using the highest settings at 1280x1024?

07-02-09, 04:36 PM
How is the game-play?

I heard they implemented some changes for through-balls and moves and what not.

07-02-09, 06:37 PM
Its really fun. Once I realized that the through ball actually leads the person, I got a **** load of goals. The graphics (Stadiums) are better in Fifa 09. But the faces look better in PES 09. I uninstalled PES 09.

But what is good about 09 on PC, is that (you know when you click the conservative tackle button on defense, and you just get the ball somehow, but all of a sudden it kicks the ball away (for me 3 is shoot and conservative tackle) because you held the button while on defense but it thought you were on offense) It doesn't do that that much in 09.

Just one of the cool features