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10-31-08, 11:16 AM
Hello All,

I currently have a 680i T1 MoBo and I have been really happy with it so far. In spite of what my signature says, I can't get my E8500 to be stable in games above 1500FSB. I can run prime95 for 7+ hours at 1750FSB without issue but if I load any of my games I get a BSOD within the first few minutes.

So I am currently running at 1500FSB 3.563GHz. (old E6600 was running at 3.375GHz)

Here is the thread where I have documented my issues.

I was wondering if switching to a different MoBo will get me closer to the 4ghz I would like to run at with this E8500.

I was looking at the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P

Do you think getting a different board will help with my O/C? I know the i7 is on its way, but I am not going to be switching platforms in the next year and 1/2.

I also don't plan to run SLi.

I was looking at the 780i FTW but after spending a lot of time in the forums, I am concerned about the issues people are seeing.

Let me know what you think?


10-31-08, 02:08 PM
id wait for the x58's

10-31-08, 02:16 PM
Your gonna have more OCing success with an Intel chipset.

10-31-08, 02:34 PM
what do you think of the

10-31-08, 06:02 PM
The question is do you need to have it running above 3.5ghz?

10-31-08, 06:16 PM
Well, not really, but if I wanted to stay at stock speeds I would have bought a Dell.

10-31-08, 08:04 PM
Well, not really, but if I wanted to stay at stock speeds I would have bought a Dell.

3.5Ghz isn't stock. :lol:

Anyway, a 780i board will OC better than a 680i. The lastest Bios updates are supposed to help with OC'ing Penryns. IMO it's a fairly stable board, but it still won't OC quite as high as one with an Intel chipset. You might also want to look at an X48 chipset, I think those can run pretty high.


I'm seeing a lot of people using Asus rampage boards at XtremeSystems. This thread might be of a little help. ;)