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05-22-03, 05:58 PM
Yeah, the subject line's got it right but since we have a swearing filter, let's just make due with the "Scottish Castle" superlative to describe those moments when we're so engrossed in a game only to be suddenly scared so damned bad it's nearly enough to make you soil yourself! :angel:

There's tons of them, of course, but we each have our own experiances that register as bowel-movement inducing horror that'll always stick with us. For me, one that constantly stands out is being scoped in an online shooter...specially Soldier Of Fortune 2.

For me, it's when I've successfully infiltrated the enemies hideout and snagged the haliburton of useful info. My teammates? All dead. Enemies? About two or three. Gear? An AK74, M590, SOCOM, armor and no more grenades. Chances are ripe that my enemies are hanging around my extraction point so I slowly make my an approach using stealth. My nerves are on edge, my lip near bleeding. The sheer quiet adds to the intensity and a creeking sound from an elevator cable makes me jump, firing a shotgun slug ramdomly, possibly giving my position away.

I pause for a moment, listening for approaching footsteps and, moments later, I hear none. With a sigh, I tell myself, "almost there. Just a few more yards to the chopper" and continue moving silently as possible. Leaning around a corner, I spot two enemies near my extraction point, scanning all around the landscape with their 1000 yard stares hoping to spot me in the distance. Roughly 40 yards to the chopper. I can do this!

I quickly pull back around the corner, make sure my weapons have a full clip and proceed, taking a route that theoretically gives me the avantage. The next 20 yards are uneventful and my nerves are really on edge now - just 10 more yards more and I can make a break for it and possible win. Too late - I've been spotted! The silence is broken by enemy fire. Looking down, I notice a grenade laying near a dead comrade - a flashbang. Yanking the pin, I lob the bastard at them and haul ass in between two nearby buildings. The chopper is only 6 yards away and the heat is on!

Walking forward, I come to the edge of the building and poke my head around the corner. Spotting my enemies searching where I once was, I nod in satisfaction! Oh yeah! This is going to be a touchdown! I've got this sucker in the freakin'...


Goes the pump action in my ear from the enemy sitting on a box above me!! :D :p

The Scottish castle has just been erected on Fruit-Of-The-Loom Blvd. :)

And pop goes the weasel in my sub-woofer, too! :eek:

Get's me every time! :angel:

St Lobus
05-22-03, 09:12 PM
My biggest "Scottish Castle" moment has got to come from Thief.

In one of the earlier missions of the first game, I had made it into the main building with no problem. I was sneaking my way around, scoping out the guard patrols, and staying in the shadows. I had just doused two torches and was standing in pitch black when I pulled out and knocked an arrow. A guard was in my sites when suddenly I heard a sword being drawn and my skull being cracked. As I slumped, all I heard was the guard shout, "Was your life worth this, thief?"

I had a couple good moments in Silent Hill 2, but nothing nearly as startling as Thief.

05-23-03, 06:44 AM
The sound of the pump action from soldier of fortune 2 also:D nothing makes you jump more than been nailed in the back while you sneak along:D

05-23-03, 11:03 AM
I can think of a few moments like that.

1) Turning a corner in a Quake 1 LAN party to see your mate glowing with quad-damage and pointing his rocket launcher right at your face, he is just as suprised to see you, screams, instinctively pulls the trigger and blows you and himself to pieces.

2) Several moments getting AWPd in Counterstrike. Those times when you know the sniper has seen you, you are hiding and trying to peer around a corner, trying to spot where he is... where is he... THERE HE IS ... BOOOM... he nails you just before you have time to shoot.

3) That part in Half-life where you are trying to sneak past that huge multi-tentacled thing that is sensitive to sound, its "feeling" the ground just inches from your foot... you slip on a ladder and your feet make a noise as they hit the walk way.... oh s***!

05-23-03, 11:59 AM
DaveW, #1 has happened to me more times than I care to remember. :D

05-23-03, 01:45 PM
I love threads like this....

Mine would be either Clive Barker's Undying or the first Resident Evil.


In the mausoleum, trying to escape through the broken grave in the wall to the catacombs underneath. You get through that little passage and into the catacombs where its very dark and hard to see. The sounds of water dripping from the ceiling permeate the darkness. You're thinking to yourself, "This is just a short trip to the exit. It doesn't sound like there are any enemies nearby (least of all those howling things)." So you start to make your way to the exit, and just as you are about to pass by a curious pile of bones near the wall.


A skeleton explodes out of the pile of bones and starts beating on you like a piņata.

Resident Evil:

The undead dobermans jumping through the windows in that hallway. Need I say more?

05-23-03, 03:55 PM
Resident evil when the zobies hands smash through some windows beside the lecture theartre in the police station scary cause U have been past them like a good few times and U feel the place is secure and then all these hands smash through.

I was playing it in the dark with a friend watching and we both shat outselves.