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11-04-08, 01:45 PM

http://shrani.si/t/2k/Tz/vBHSI18/screenshot001.jpg (http://shrani.si/?2k/Tz/vBHSI18/screenshot001.jpg) http://shrani.si/t/1f/BR/1wiylnRX/screenshot006.jpg (http://shrani.si/?1f/BR/1wiylnRX/screenshot006.jpg) http://shrani.si/t/3d/mx/2o0UTWqg/screenshot008.jpg (http://shrani.si/?3d/mx/2o0UTWqg/screenshot008.jpg)

http://shrani.si/t/3F/D1/4ukQAkjR/screenshot009.jpg (http://shrani.si/?3F/D1/4ukQAkjR/screenshot009.jpg) http://shrani.si/t/2Q/hS/4ZCc4Hhk/screenshot012.jpg (http://shrani.si/?2Q/hS/4ZCc4Hhk/screenshot012.jpg) http://shrani.si/t/Y/z2/3EyJOjLI/screenshot016.jpg (http://shrani.si/?Y/z2/3EyJOjLI/screenshot016.jpg)

http://shrani.si/t/1Q/v7/34ALA326/screenshot018.jpg (http://shrani.si/?1Q/v7/34ALA326/screenshot018.jpg) http://shrani.si/t/30/ne/1CUFnt4Y/screenshot021.jpg (http://shrani.si/?30/ne/1CUFnt4Y/screenshot021.jpg) http://shrani.si/t/18/RB/3XnXQ3kp/screenshot014.jpg (http://shrani.si/?18/RB/3XnXQ3kp/screenshot014.jpg)

Hello everyone! Today i present you my new contribution to all true Need for Speed fans.
The Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Vista Edition patch and 32-bit installer in one package.
This patch will allow you to play this legendary racing game on Windows XP and Windows Vista.
And thats not all.
64-bit Windows is also supported, where original installer simply fails to run (because it's just 16-bit).
I have also included optional package of all traffic vehicles and traffic pursuit cars.
Thats right, you can now race with delivery trucks, taxi cars, school buses, SUV's and so on.
They are slow and steer like a whale, but racing with them is hilarious. Especially in Hot Pursuit mode on split screen. Pure fun!

Oh and don't forget to crank up all game graphic settings and enable Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering in your graphic card control panel. The game will look much better with it :smile:

Patch includes CD verification! Only users of original NFS3 game can install it.
Patch will also copy game files from original disc during patch installation.
I hope it's red enough, some seem to have problems understanding this...

- original NFS3 disc
- ~460MB of free disk space
- Direct3D capable graphic card (all graphic cards we use today)
- Creative ALchemy or similar tool for EAX support under Vista



11-04-08, 02:14 PM
nice work, to bad i don't have the game anymore?

11-04-08, 03:18 PM
I have the original game and got it working on my copy of Vista x64. I remember having to install it in XP and then copy the files and registry settings over to Vista. I can't remember if 3D acceleration was working though. I may have had it running in Software. I'll try out my installation tonight.

The Vista patch idea is good, but for the purists like me it would be great not having the extra stuff installed with it. A patch that simply offers better compatability would be better (for me anyway).

11-04-08, 03:38 PM
Well thats just impossible. Especially when first stop to that point fails on you (installer itself). I did a similar thing, though i used VirtualPC with WinXP installed. But later found i can re-use my original disc and just connect it with custom installer that also includes some patched files. It then automatically throws them together, writes few registry values and voila. The game that works. You can be purist but you really don't have much choice in such cases. The game is 10 years old (1998-2008 :) ). You know EA, they're having hard time patching their latest games, i don't even expect them to patch 10 years old game lol...

Btw, those extra cars are optional. If you don't want them you can do that during installation (that option is unchecked by default anyway). But if you do, you can always select that :)

11-04-08, 04:13 PM
I don't own this but I still appreciate the effort.


11-04-08, 05:11 PM
Awesome. Now do it for High Stakes :D

11-04-08, 06:06 PM
and Porsche Unleashed :)

Very cool too be able to run NFS-3 under Vista!

11-04-08, 06:58 PM
I've found a small bug but i'll fix that tommorow morning (it's today morning already lol). The game crashes when trying to save replay or knockout/tournament challenge with error message "failed to write file blablabla".
Installer doesn't copy empty folders from CD to HDD so i have to create them manually.
Simply glitch that slipped by :P

As for NFS Porsche, it does work under XP and Vista (at least i know for 32bit versions). At least european version that i have. Although textures on many objects are awful (dashboard, rims etc), but that seems to be the problem with latest graphic cards or drivers.

bob saget
11-04-08, 10:01 PM
CLK-GTR in NFS:HP2 = ftw.

11-05-08, 02:29 AM
CLK-GTR is also in original Hot Pursuit (Bonus Car). :P
McLaren F1 was the one that owned everything in HP2.

Saving replays and game progress is now fixed in version 1.02.
Just re-install the game with same settings to same location and it will fix the bugs.

11-05-08, 03:40 AM
Can't get it to install with original disk. It cannot verify. Gay!

11-05-08, 03:47 AM
oh damn :( such memories and i cant find the disc i had it before dammit.

11-05-08, 06:06 AM

11-05-08, 07:02 AM
and Porsche Unleashed :)

Very cool too be able to run NFS-3 under Vista!

i tried getting Porsche to work in Vista, it runs but textures are mest up, and it runs at about 5-10FPS.

11-05-08, 09:44 AM
The thread is not worthless anymore :D Now you can check out the screenshots above.
Btw, this was one of the first games back then to use actual projected lighting (headlights and blue/red police lights)! Night driving is difficult but still incredible just because of the projected lighting.
These screenshots are from Vista x64 using Radeon HD4850 (800x600, 8x FSAA Edge Detect + 16xAF).
Apart from resolution and color bending (16bit depth) you can hardly tell it's a 10 year old game really, especially on night screenshots with rain and projected lights enabled.

11-05-08, 11:36 AM
When I start up the NFS3VistInstall.exe, it finds the NFS3 cd in Drive: E just fine, but after clicking the 'Verify' button I get a 'Need For Speed disc verification failed. Wrong disc inserted....' message. The only reason I can think of why I would get that message is because this disc came with a package deal EA put out awhile ago. About 5 NFS games came with it including NFS2, High Stakes, Porsche Unleasded, etc. I'm thinking maybe that disqualifies it as an 'original disc'. Bummer:(

11-05-08, 12:37 PM
Well, it has to be a specific content on that disc (retail NFS3, english version).
Since i don't have that CD i don't know what files to copy. Unfortunatelly i can't help you there. You may try with no-cd patches and by using this tool:

In NFS3 particular case it solves lockups between loading and summary screens.
No-cd patches may solve problems with protection schemes failing on new operating systems. I assume you can run NFS3 installer and install the actual game. I had no such luck with my retail version of NFS3, thats why i chose the path of copying all files manually from CD.

11-05-08, 04:28 PM
.......... I assume you can run NFS3 installer and install the actual game. I had no such luck with my retail version of NFS3, thats why i chose the path of copying all files manually from CD.

No luck with running the NFS3 installer off the disc with vista x64 here either. When I put the disc in the autorun screen comes up, but when I click on install I get a message saying 'The operating system denied access to the specified file'. Each of the NFS games included in the package deal has it's own disc. I got the package back when I was dual booting windows ME and windows XP (like I said its been awhile back). The NFS3VistaInstall probably only works with an original individually sold NFS3 game and not the ones included in a package deal. Near as I can figure anyways.

11-05-08, 05:06 PM
Hm, you dont get "16-bit app is not supported on 64bit system blablabla" ?
Because thats what i get on 64bit Vista. No access denied errors...

11-05-08, 06:01 PM
OK, my job with NFS3 is now finished. I'll try to solve all the possible problems but my primary focus now is NFS4:High Stakes Vista Patch. And after some researching and googling it's looking pretty well. I have to build a patch now and start testing but so far so good.
Can't wait to play this darn thing again :D I'll notify you guys when it's ready :)

[EOCF] Tim
11-06-08, 06:32 AM
Aw man I just played it, fantastic game.

Does anyone have very bad texture pop up? Like the scenery is only drawn per 100 meter. It's awful lol. :o :p

I wonder if it has got something to do with AF etc.

11-06-08, 06:54 AM
Nah. :P Go to Options menu and under Graphics adjust "Draw distance" (or something like this) to Full.
For some reason NFS3 is defaulting to lowest settings on latest graphic cards when you install it.
Just crank everything up to "Full" or "On" and try again. It will look much better :)

Though there might be slight graphical problems on GeForce graphic cards where dots on radar may apear as squares instead circles. Similar applies to certain alpha textures in game and menu. But generally works fine too. At least from what i managed to try on my sister's laptop with GF 9400M GS.

[EOCF] Tim
11-06-08, 07:59 AM
Ah that's the one setting I didn't change lol!

[EOCF] Tim
11-06-08, 08:12 AM
I do get some glitches, in the extending menu some options just have yellow or blue bars over the options, and in the game, like you said, there are blocks where the dots were supposed to be.

Also, when driving at night the headlights seem to be flickering quite badly, I've got to mess around with them.

Thank you so much again, it's great to play it.

11-06-08, 09:15 AM
You're probably using GeForce graphic card right (i don't get any of these glitches on my Radeon). You may try disabling Transparency AA and try again (you can keep regular FSAA enabled). I assume this feature messes up those alpha textures.

Headlights (or their light casted on the environment) only flickers when using Vertex lighting (lower quality). Use Projected lighting (high quality) which looks much more realistic but sometimes decreases visibility because of high brightness (i had to switch to Vertex for some crucial knockout races where i simply couldn't afford any mistakes).
It also doesn't flicker.