View Full Version : Random 10 Minute restarts. Please help

11-04-08, 05:37 PM
I'm trying to diagnose a friends computer so I came here because there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here that have provided me with help in the past. Anyways, his computer will randomly restart every 10 minutes or so and can be playing a game or just sitting idle. The computer was recently reformatted so their isn't a whole lot of software on the hdd. I also recently reseated the GPU fan/heatsink on his 7800gs which helped the temps out which are sitting right around 58 C. I checked the CPU temps and they are sitting at about 58 C also. There are no overclocks on the card so its not locking up because of that. Any other suggestions. I know that this can be a pretty vague subject to diagnose, but does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?

11-04-08, 05:39 PM
It would help if you provided detailed specs of the system you're trying to troubleshoot.

11-04-08, 06:55 PM
Random shots in the dark;

Ram is being run too far out of spec or isn't getting enough voltage. This could include timings being too tight as well. TRFC is one to watch with DDR2 ram. If this is too tight it can cause all sorts of stability issues, as can the standards well known ones like CAS.

CPU is not getting enough vcore. My rig will crash like that at a mere 3.0GHz if my CPU is getting less than 1.325v when it does work on all four cores. Some motherboards will under volt your ram and CPU. Make sure they are where they need to be. Example; my BX2 defaults to 1.84v on the ram which is nowhere near what DDR 2 performance ram needs to be stable. I need to run 1.95v-2.16v.

Northbridge or CPU are overheating.

PSU is faulty or failing.

11-04-08, 09:56 PM
I dont think it has anything to do with voltages or timings because the computer has never been overclocked so the settings have never deviated from stock. As for the CPU temps I have seen it get much much higher and still not restart. The temps average at about 58c and before I resinked it, the CPU was running at an average of 70c with very minimal crashes/restarts. Does anyone else have any suggestions? As for the system specs here they are:

Intel P4 3.0 w/ stock cpu cooler
MSI Mobo (do no know chipset or model of board)
2gb DDR