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11-05-08, 05:24 AM
Hello there folks, have had this card for a while now, and decided to try and overclock it, for fun mostly. Searching a sweet spot for 24/7 use.

Card is not moded in any way just stock cooler and nice case cooling (Antex 1200)

I have latest Rivatuner and 178.xx drivers (not 180 ones) and using ATi Tool for stability. I've set the card fan to 53% as 1-2% above that and I start to hear it "on top" of the other fans

My first question is:
What would give me biggest increase in performance? Core, Shaders or Memory?
I remember back in the days when I had old GF4 Ti 4200 overclocking memory gave biggest increase in performance so that is why I ask :) I understand that performance is probably balanced between all three but still which one I should try and max out?

I found out that each of the 3 can be overclocked pretty high on its own but if I add the two other parts into equation neither can go nearly as high.
Memory is the weakest link on my card, can't even get it stable to 1000 MHz. So I hope overclocking the other two gives biggest increase in performance :)

Core and Shaders will do 760 and 17xx respectively perhaps a bit higher if I lower the mem clocks.

So any and all tips are welcome :)

Thank you for your time!

11-05-08, 07:57 AM
Start with Core Overclocking, then once you find a stable Clock, do the Memory.