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11-05-08, 08:33 PM
I have an NVIDIA 8800 GT graphics card, brand new, the XFX 512 MB one, manufactured overclocked.

I have the Zalman water cooling system installed for my processor and the graphics card. The water cooling system reads the temperatures as 30C and 29C generally, almost always in fact, sometimes drops to 27C and 28C.

Problem is, and I think this started ever since I installed the latest driver updates, my graphics card seems to be overheating, randomly. When I play a game or watch a movie full screen, out of nowhere everything will get frozen and the screen will become half static like. Sometimes, just before the system is about to freez, the mouse icon gets a "static" trail. Once the system freezes, the harddrive goes completely silent. Only way to get out of this is to hard reboot.

Here is the weird part; I left the computer on, running a game on full screen for about 3-4 hours and guess what? It did not crash, though I guess I wasn't actually playing the game, I just left it running figured it would eventually have the same result.

After that I rebooted the system, I leave it on overnight most of the time and it runs fine, it was running fine for 2 days; but today after say about 3 hrs of running an old game like Starcraft in full screen (mind you, it sort of started every since I restarted my starcraft play) I quit the game, I went to watch a video shortly after, as soon as I put the video to full screen, my system froze, as though my graphics card over heated.

I have rebooted now and all seems fine, I'm sure I can go and play another 5 hours of starcraft or any other game and it won't over heat - or it might, god knows, its so random.

Before the update I was able to play Call of Duty 4 full screen perfectly fine...

I attached the dxdiag to give you my system info, I really need help here, no idea whats going on.

I opened up my computer the day I left the game running on full screen, I tried checking to see if the Zalman VGA cooler was getting heated, it was "mild" not hot or anything, but warm ish. The processor cooler wasn't really warm at all, it wasn't hot either, it felt like it was at room temperature. The RAM on the other hand, which has its own build in heatsink, was hot, probably the 2nd hottest thing on the pc, hottest being the heatsinks on my mother board.

Hope you guys can help!
P.S. If you need a summary, please ask Lol
P.S.S GPUZ2.gif is with no games running, just a remote desktop connection and my browser; recently restarted the computer
P.S.S.S. I guess the screenshot feature is screwed on vista...GPUZ3

11-06-08, 10:23 AM

Some more info, this is my case: http://i1.techpowerup.com/reviews/CoolerMaster/Stacker_832/images/stacker832.jpg

Pretty open so air can get in.

And that's my motherboard, I thought the heatsinks would help keep it from melting.

Just a note again, other than the built-in heatsinks, the 2nd hottest thing in my computer is the RAM, but the RAM has its own heatsink on top of it, came with the ram cards...and thats what's hot, maybe a bit too hot? I'm not sure

11-06-08, 11:26 AM
Have you checked the voltage to your RAM to make sure it is correct? Is the CPU and/or RAM overclocked at all? Even though your case is open, do you have fans pushing air thru the case, especially over the RAM sticks? Just some questions.

11-06-08, 02:40 PM
I have not checked the RAM voltage, not sure how actually and even if I did, not sure what its to be set at.

I just added a fan over my ram actually, as someone recommended it might be the ram that is over heating.

Its definitely not my GPU anymore since its now running at 38C, which I believe is pretty damn cool.

Could you help me out with the RAM stuff?

11-06-08, 02:53 PM
Well, you can check it in your BIOS upon starting your computer or get CPU-z and check it there. Actually, you might do both. Find out what your RAM Voltage is supposed to be as well. Mine is 2.1, but my BIOS sets it at 1.8, so I have to set the RAM Voltage Overclock to +.3 in the BIOS to make it correct.

11-06-08, 04:20 PM
My current RAM settings...