View Full Version : PLEASE HELP! Antec Neopower 650W Sufficiant? Seems not...

11-07-08, 11:18 PM
First off guys heres the specs of my power supply i bought in april:

DC OUTPUT VOLTAGE +3.3V| +5V | +12V1 | +12V2 | +12V3 | 12V | +5VSB
MAX. CURRENT 24A | 24A | 19A | 19A | 19A | 0.8A | 3A
AVAILABLE POWER 120w | 624W | 9.6W | 15W
TOTAL POWER 650 W continious output at 50c ambient temperature

Next is my specs of my machine

Antec 900 with 5 Fans (big one on top, 1 or rear with LED , 1 on side with LED, 2 on front with LED)
Q9550 @ stock speeds
XFX 790i Ultra
4GB Corsair XMS3 DHX Dual Path Heat Xchange PC3-10666 1333hz cas9
eVGA 9800GTX
1 X 320GB IDE
1 X 500GB SATA

As soon as i purchased the side case fan yesterday, and plug it in, my systems not stable, i get hard locks when running prime 95, when not, it will probly last 5 hrs or so before it hard locks.

When i unplug the fan my systems fine.

The Specs are of this fan

VOLTAGE (volt) 12VDC
Current(ampere) 0.20 A+10%
Input Power (watt) 2.40 W+10%

and it has 4 LED lights on it.

I figured i had enough power to run all my hardware and fans ? is there somethign im missing, havent i got enough power?

11-09-08, 07:17 AM
Im no expert but try a different lead for the fan, one with less stuff attached to it.
Your PSU has 5 modular sockets yes?
How are these distributed to your hardwares

Knowing how your PSU distributes its power to these sockets would help also I think? maybe...? Does it ? What??

or is the fan plugged into the mobo?