View Full Version : My PSU is reading 3.23v on the 3.3v thing, Should I bin it?

11-08-08, 01:04 AM
Used to be 3.3v volts but now not so much.

11-08-08, 01:36 AM
In the BIOS or directly from a multimeter? Either way I believe that is well within spec. If you're not testing with a multimeter directly from a 3.3V lead off of the power supply, then I wouldn't consider it accurate either.

4.1.4 Voltage Tolerances
Tolerance for the motherboard power rails should comply with the values listed in Table 6.
Table 6. Voltage Tolerances
Voltage Rail Tolerance
+5VDC 5 %
-5VDC (if used) 10 %
+12VDC 5 %
-12VDC 10 %
+3.3VDC 5 %
+5VSB 5 %


According to that you're good all the way down to 3.135V to remain within the specs.

11-08-08, 01:50 AM
If the reading is bios then forget it, it won't be accurate

if the reading is multimeter then is it under load or idle?

if idle, ramp the baby up using 3dmark and see what happens.

11-09-08, 06:47 AM
3.23v is oc'd idle or stock 100% load, So I should be ok


Whats the 3.3v for anyway, Chipset?