View Full Version : HDD "issue"

11-08-08, 02:25 PM
Recently my HD activity light would be on for periods of time for no apparent reasons and the performance of the computer would be quite slow and inconsistent during hose times. Also while playing games it would do that, making the games pause for a few brief moments and then continue, pause again and continue... in particular Crysis Warhead and a few minutes ago on the "airfield" map for Crysis just as it has loaded. When I quit Crysis/Warhead the HD light can come on for quite a while... again - I don't see why it would do that. I have not noticed anything similar before...

Halp please?

11-08-08, 02:33 PM
Hit ctrl-alt-del for the task manager and check the activity of your system when that starts to happen. If a program is accessing your hard drive like crazy at random times it'll probably have a CPU usage jump at the same time, so if you sort by "CPU" on the processes tab you'll almost definitely see something shoot up to the top of the list when your system starts chugging (ignore System Idle Processes, it'll always be high).

Also, download speedfan and check the SMART status of your hard drives to make sure one isn't going bad.

11-08-08, 03:47 PM

Well, that the analysis by speedfan... tow things that are on Watch - what does that mean>

Will try to play that Crysis level again and see what happens.

EDIT: Well, just played some Warhead and the performance was noticeably worse than a few days ago.There was more "stuttering" and when I killed a few minutes into it, there was a black screen and then I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del and thne the whole system more or less froze. Below is a SS of the Resource monitor maybe a minute or so after I managed to get onto the desktop, but the HDD activity light was still on constantly, with occasional blinks.