View Full Version : X-FI fatality strange behaviour

11-10-08, 11:51 AM
Ok so i have a creative x-fi fatality champion series. I found a problem when switching between game mode and entertainment mode via control panel.

For some reason the bass from my 5.1 speaker set up including subwoofer (Logitech G51) seems to dissapear when i have switched modes. To get the bass back i have to open the windows sound goto playback devices and configure the speakers to use full range by ticking the boxes. Again when i switch modes the bass will dissapear and when i go back to the configure option in sound i have to untick the full range option apply and then do it again and tick them to get the bass back.

As you could imagine this is a major pain in the ass to do this every time i wish to listen to music or switch to games.

Is there a way around this or is it just the usual Creative and vista dont go together thing again. Im beginning to wish that i had opted for the Asus xonar....

11-10-08, 12:34 PM
I bet it's one of those stupid overlooked things, it was similar with digital out from the flexi jack at the back of the card.

If you rebooted you had to select digital out manually (it was selected but would not work unless you deselect/select it again)
Quite annoying but was fixed in a driver update. Maybe it's same for bass management.

As for switching modes, I generally stick to gaming mode. Entertainment mode is nice but it adds something to the sound and I generally want the sound out put to be "clean". You still have stereo upmixing in gaming mode.

11-10-08, 02:10 PM
seems i have solved the problem..i shouldve never had full range option on in the first place in windows sound options...now it is off i can use the crossover in creative to find the correct bass and there are no fluctuations when i swap modes. :)